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From the beginning of time ever after, there will only ever be ONE of you...

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Wild Hearted Words offers the nitty gritty details of running a business in the 21st century. There’s an emphasis on openness & vulnerability that makes brands stronger and more authentic. In addition to pure marketing value, there’s a lot to be said about realistic personal investment and the struggles entrepreneurs face — Judy does a great job addressing those issues candidly and providing honest commentary on how to make sure your business can thrive!
— Meghan Rauker, PeopleFund Manager
Judy is a masterful weaver of science and spirituality. She is unlike other teachers who are just trying to stand out in a crowded market. Judy stands out by leaning back, and letting go. She beautifully balances the groundedness of the masculine with the intuitive, mystical, creative feminine. She is not only a coach, but a mother (which gives her massive clout in my book), balancing the importance of this most feminine honorable role of raising up the next generation, with the role of raising up this generation by serving others through her real-life, real-world, practical guidance. When you choose to work with Judy, you are investing in your most valuable asset, cultivating your most precious Self.
— Lea Black, photographer & TEDx speaker

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