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Your story is everything.


It’s time to #BeWildlyYou in both your life and your business.

Discover your signature story. And, shine like never before.
Because the story you tell yourself is creating your reality, the story you tell others is creating your business, and the story you tell your children is creating their WORLD.
So… what are you saying?

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what’s your story?

What is modern mystic storytelling?

Modern mystic storytelling is dramatic healing. Profoundly.

You get to heal and become whole in all those parts that you couldn't do through traditional therapy, 12-Step programs, shamans, gurus, and experts, because modern mystic storytelling is Source communicating THROUGH you from your greatest teacher — your very own Soul.

It's no longer relying upon anyone else for the answer. It's stepping into your limitless personal power.

Modern mystic storytelling is lasting transformation in an instant.

The kind that happens when you arrive in your Soul space, and completely CHANGE YOUR MIND. You stop battling between head and heart. You start finding flow with ALL of you. You rewrite the stories you've been telling yourself that no longer serve you, where every challenge melts away in a holy instant, and you're lifted into the Light you've allowed to be dimmed for too long.

Modern mystic storytelling is beyond manifestation; it's stepping into the flow ease, serendipity, synchronicity, and magic every single damn day.

By amplifying and elevating your vibration in the here and now to match everything you've asked for, you suddenly hop right on over to the track where your dream life already exists. All you need to do is unlock your personal access point.

Modern mystic storytelling is making a decision to have everything you've ever wanted.

Quantum physics shows that what you truly want is ALREADY here — you money, your love, your ideal relationships, your healing, your fame, your impact, your secret desire you've barely admitted to yourself. Your dreams are simply waiting for you to give them permission. To remove the barriers. To allow. To stop fighting yourself already.

Modern mystic storytelling is finding your voice, experiencing real connection, and truly being seen like never before.

What’s unique about the Modern Mystic Story School is the power of writing LIVE with a high vibe tribe, then sharing your stories ALOUD with one another. You drop out of your head and into your heart, where every question you’re aching to gain clarity on is already answered to your highest and greatest good.

Give your Soul everything It's been aching for: Real peace. Real love. Real happy.

Are you ready to say YES to a new paradigm of being?


Welcome to the Modern Mystic Story School.

Class starts October 1st.

Are you in?

Choose which one of these best describes you & let’s get started:

Developing our brand story and strategy has been the single best investment I’ve made in my company to date. It informs everything we do — how we show up in our industry, how we message all forms of communication and all elements of our marketing. We avoided potentially time consuming and costly mistakes all because we figured out what we stood for as a brand and how that needed to translate to the marketplace. Without a doubt, our brand story is the absolute foundation our company is built upon.
— Deborah Whitby, winner of the 2018 Austin Woman Magazine Award & owner of Austin Plumbery
Judy is a masterful weaver of science and spirituality. She is unlike other teachers who are just trying to stand out in a crowded market. Judy stands out by leaning back, and letting go. She beautifully balances the groundedness of the masculine with the intuitive, mystical, creative feminine. She is not only a coach, but a mother (which gives her massive clout in my book), balancing the importance of this most feminine honorable role of raising up the next generation, with the role of raising up this generation by serving others through her real-life, real-world, practical guidance. When you choose to work with Judy, you are investing in your most valuable asset, cultivating your most precious Self.
— Lea Black, photographer & TEDx speaker