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Life may not always be pretty, but it is indeed beautiful — and I believe you can make your life beautiful today!

I grew up in a severely traditional Chinese family, which meant that I was expected to fall in line and do as I was told. I wasn't supposed to ever ask questions, challenge authority, or stand out in any way. Yet, my wild nature wouldn't allow for this...

My parents complained, "You walk too loud. You talk too loud. You laugh too loud." So, I learned from an early age how to hate myself and eventually developed an eating disorder that would plague me for over 15 years.

After running all around the world (literally from California to China!), I realized that there was truly nowhere to go. I either had the choice to go back to where all of my drama and rage started to healthfully deal with my issues, or I could literally die abroad... 

My body was falling apart. I stopped getting my period. I could feel my throat ragged from bulimia. My heart raced. Yet, "saving my life" was not an easy or obvious choice. I resisted.

Finally, I boarded a plane back to Los Angeles, entered an intensive outpatient program, and began my healing journey.

That's where the magic started to happen... in the unexpected wonder of becoming wildly myself.

There's been a lot more life that's happened since then. Things like moving to my dream of all dream locations (Kauai, Hawaii), meeting my husband on the most remote inhabited place in the world, and giving birth to our daughter, Wilder Love.

If you've wished you could live an extraordinary life and didn't know quite how to move forward, then welcome to a truly special and authentic place online, where you can discover how to #BeWildlyYou.

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Judy Tsuei

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