About judy tsuei

Make me famous.
Get me seen.
I don’t want to be forgotten.
I want to matter.

When I think about social media and why all of these bots and platform-building tools are so popular, I realize these are some of the thoughts playing into the mass amounts of money being invested in vanity metrics...

At the core of everything, WE ALL HAVE A STORY we are on this planet to tell.

Whether it’s a story for yourself, for the written word, for your partner, for your business, for the world, we MUST have the freedom to write our own narrative and then have a forum for our story to live.

Ask yourself why you want to be insta-famous...
Ask yourself why you want to have a huge FB or Twitter following...
Ask yourself why you hustle and grind...
Or, ask yourself if you're playing small by not sharing your story with the world.

Is it for the allure of fame = money?
Is it because you believe popularity = being loved?
Is it because at the end of the day, you want to MATTER?

Find that core belief.

Then, you’ll find out what you really need to do in business and your life.

It usually comes from a core need: love, purpose, connection.
What’s yours?

If you're looking for unparalleled results that blend spirituality + sense, and you want to do things differently than the illusion of success you've seen on social media, then you'll want to work with me, so we can highlight all the ways you are wildly you that your audience wants to know about.

My innovative approach and ability to connect with high-level influencers have led to remarkable success for my clients, where we attract the kind of attention that matters.

I've worked with global brands (think: Neutrogena, Guthy Renker, Bombardier Business Aviation, Toyota, Scion, MasterCard), indie brands, and celebrities. I've also been an editorial director, a regular contributor to MindBodyGreen, and a frequent guest on notable podcasts — I've even recorded highly viewed yoga videos when I was a yoga teacher + holistic practitioner. 

Basically, you could Google me and find out where I've been featured.

Would you like to chat more? Connect with me here.

Judy Tsuei

Just a few of the places I've been featured:

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Get to know me a little better through my global adventures:

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