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Watch this fun lil' adventure from Kauai, the place I had always dreamed of moving to (and did!) & where I subsequently met my husband and gave birth to our daughter.


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I'm Judy Tsuei (pronounced similar to "Sway"), a recovering perfectionist and multi-passionate entrepreneur who's tired of being put in a box, which is why I'm living "wild" and "free" — and even have these words tattooed on myself!

Life may not always be pretty, but it is indeed beautiful — make your life beautiful today.

I grew up in a severely traditional Chinese family, which meant that I was expected to fall in line and do as I was told, not ask questions, and definitely not stand out. My wild nature wouldn't allow for this. I walked too loud, talked too loud, laughed too loud, and ultimately, made such an uproar for my parents that we all had to dynamically shift into the family we are now.

If you had told me two decades ago that we'd all be showing up as we are today, I would've told you that you were crazy! But, that's where the best magic happens... in the unexpected wonder of it all.

More highlights:

  • I serendipitously lucked into becoming a travel writer for a couple of years and had the opportunity to go to Brazil with the youngest person ever to summit Mount Everest, head over to Mexican resorts a few times, hop to different Hawaiian islands, and bounce around choice locations throughout the U.S., like Aspen and more. Let me just say, travel writing is indeed every bit as luxuriously wonderful as it sounds like it would be!
  • I've published a few books on Amazon, especially for mamas, because being one ain't an easy job, but it's by far the most amazing creative endeavor I've ever embarked on!
  • My husband, friend, and I ran a super successful Kickstarter campaign, raising over $10,000 to self-publish our conscious children's book, Sprouts Stories: Corrine Wants to Grow Up. 
  • I've been featured on bunches of podcasts and online summits.
  • I worked abroad as an Arts & Entertainment editor at the leading English-language magazine in Shanghai, China.
  • I'm a certified e-RYT yoga teacher, a Reiki Master, and a perpetual learner.
  • I have four tattoos and am about to get another ginormous one!
  • My lil' ohana bought a 1984 Toyota Warrior Winnebago camper van and traveled around the country for six months.

my ohana

Here are a couple of the most important people in my life — I wouldn't be who I am today without these two!

Jules Fox and Judy Tsuei
Wilder Fox

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