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What's a #microinfluencer? And, there's #microcontent, too?

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By now, you should know that I'm all about authenticity.

From storytelling to visibility techniques, I want you to FEEL GOOD and real, and that your ideal tribe connects with you from this place of genuineness.

You'll also know that I'm capping my Facebook group, Wild Hearted Words, at 1,000 members and reviewing them quarterly to ensure that those who are in the group are actively participating, sharing, or benefitting, because I believe in the philosophy of 1,000 raving fans versus 100,000 fans who could give a hoot about you.

I've always gone against the grain, aiming to live to my wild hearted nature, but here it seems that Instagram and other marketing techniques are catching up.

Check out this latest article from hubspot about microinfluencer marketing... 

Ultimately, the gist is that even though people have gone after celebrities and influencers with incredibly high numbers of fans, what's even more compelling is finding people who are showing up authentically in their lives and who have a very engaged tribe who trusts and believes them, knowing that it's not your typical "sponsored ad."

An influencer can have just 1,000 fans and still make as substantial of an impact in creating action around a topic, service, movement, or product as someone with a much larger following. 

Here's where I believe online marketing is going: 

One of my favorite books is Love Poems From God, and you might wonder what that has anything to do with online marketing, but here's why I'm mentioning it: 

I find it fascinating that mystics from the beginning of time have struggled with the same types of issues we're going through now.

Human nature is still the same. We still go through heartache and heartbreak, triumph and challenges, beauty and ugliness.

Thousands of years later, with all of the advances of modern man, we still go through the same crap? 


Which is why no matter how progressive our online marketing becomes, I believe that we'll still come back to the core ways of how we are... 

Which is to crave connection.

To need to be seen, heard, and accepted.

To love and to be loved in turn.

So, as fun as it is to have a huge following, it's even more rewarding on all sides to connect in meaningful ways, and that's why I go back to empowerment marketing and authentic relating.

How do you feel about microinfluencers? Do you still want a huge following... and why?

Let's dive into #microcontent and why that might be just what your ideal client wants or needs right now.

Think about how overwhelmed we are. That stat about how you need to see something seven times before you believe it? Well, apparently that number has multiplied exponentially to the point that you actually need to see it about 20x now (at least, that's what a fellow internet marketer and PR person told me today over coffee!)... but, I believe it.

We're so inundated by interruption & distraction marketing these days, it makes sense that we're just maxed out.

Right now, I invite you to think about how overwhelmed you feel in building a thriving life and in business...

When was the last time you took a deep breath? 

** Breathe in. Breathe out. **

While I tend to be verbose, I've also learned how vital it is to be more concise and pithy (a word I learned when studying for the S.A.T.'s). In fact, when I was working with the founder of TOPS Malibu, she kept encouraging me to be more terse, despite loving my long-form writing in the writing group we were both a part of on Kauai.

Turns out, she was onto something. 

When it comes to Instagram again, #microcontent is incredibly powerful. Tara Gentile just shared a podcast episode about what multiple entrepreneurs have found truly worked for their business (rather than what internet marketing gurus say works) and one of them completely advocates microcontent.

In a lot of what you'll Google these days, there's plenty to say that long-form content is actually incredibly beneficial when it comes to boosting SEO. Neil Patel advocates 3,000+ word posts!

While busting out tons of content is easy for me, I'm now giving microcontent a try in my own IG feed with 60-second visibility tip snippets... I invite you to follow me and share your thoughts!

So, what do you think about creating microcontent? 

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How to Use FREE Online Marketing Tools to Create a Sold-Out Live Event

How can you create a SOLD OUT live event, like we did?

After partnering with Rebekah Epstein of Fifteen-Media to host The Ultimate Branding & PR Retreat here in Austin, Texas for female entrepreneurs, many people came up to me afterward to say how much they learned about marketing from simply watching how I marketed our event!

While this was the first time Bekah & I collaborated, the synergy between us was epic and flawless... and we had SO much fun. Not to mention, we sold out our event, so that not one more body could've possibly fit — and we made a nice lil' profit while doing so.

Plus, look at what people shared afterward:



Raeka Beauty
THANK YOU!!!! It was a fun and delicious day!
— Courtney

A friend of mine in the big events music festival space said that when it comes to planning events, they just accept that the first year, you'll be losing money. "If you can't make a profit within three years," she told me over coffee, "then your idea may not be viable." But, for us, we made money the first time we launched it and are looking for more incredible opportunities to create #communityovercompetition IRL.

As powerful as building an online business can be, it's vital to build in person connections and there's no better way to do that than by establishing yourself as an expert through hosting your own events.

Bekah and I are in the midst of planning our next event in February 2018 with an even greater amount of value, offerings, and collaborations.

In the meantime, I thought it'd be helpful for fellow entrepreneurs looking to gain visibility in your business on how to use FREE online marketing tools to sell out tickets for your own live event!

(Psst... feel free to right-click and download this infographic too, if you'd like.)

How to Sell Out an Event

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{INTERVIEW} Renowned Austin food blogger Jane Ko, founder of A Taste of Koko

Jane Ko A Taste of Koko

I loved chatting with Jane Ko, founder of A Taste of Koko, one of Austin's top food bloggers!

Jane's been featured in The New York Times, Oprah Magazine, Austin Monthly, and more...

In this chat, you'll hear about:

  • Behind-the-scenes of what it's like to be a food blogger.
  • How Jane got started — before blogging and being an influencer was a thing!
  • How she blogged for TWO YEARS WITHOUT A READER and kept on doing it!
  • What she wants fellow female entrepreneurs to know...

What's your favorite takeaway from this interview?

Want to manifest dreams like food blogging for your 2018?

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Ready to join a virtual summit as a speaker?

Virtual Summits Judy Tsuei

One of the best ways to gain exposure is to join a virtual summit, where you'll have an opportunity to collaborate with a fellow influencer's audience!

To that end, I've been invited to participate in two recently (and I have a call to potentially join a third today!) so I wanted to tell you a little more about those two events and THEN share with you some pointers on how to get on a couple of your own!

Carli Tonner Create Your Badass Life


If you're someone who thinks you should be at a different place in your life; you're feeling flat-out bored with your everyday; it seems like you're stuck & doesn’t know how to make a change, CLICK HERE TO REGISTER for this FREE interview series called Create your Badass Life! 

I've collaborated with Carli Tonner & over 21 other badass experts in the world of health, wealth, self-love, etc. to provide you with tips that you can implement in your routine immediately!

By signing up today, you'll learn how to:

  • Create balance between all facets of life,
  • Shift your mindset,
  • Incorporate healthy & productive habits NOW, &
  • Give more energy towards this thing, which is the foundation for being a badass!
The Entrepreneurette Series


While The Entrepreneurette Series virtual summit already hosted it's live event November 27th - December 1st, you're still able to gain access to over $2,000 worth of content & expert interviews with an array of experts to set your online business up for success in 2018!

I'm honored to be among the incredible lineup of international speakers we have spanning four continents and ten countries.

Together we're offering a powerful range of interviews, tutorials, and live interactive workshops to help you overcome the common obstacles we're all facing this time of year. 

Have an action-packed schedule at the moment? Grab a VIP pass to have lifetime access to all this amazing content plus exclusive bonus materials available only to VIP pass holders! 


Here's how I found my guest speaker opportunities these last couple of months: 

  1. One of the women remembered me from market research I did with her over a year earlier, when I was launching a previous iteration of the business I'm running now! I had posted in a FB group with a coach I was working with and she was one of the people who said she'd like to participate.
  2. I'm in several FB groups and someone asked about seeking speakers. I left a comment that I was interested and even though my mailing list didn't quite make the qualifications, she and I hit it off to much, that we made it happen.
  3. I've been updating my blog content regularly and posting actively in social media, so someone sent me a request via the contact form on my blog.

My tip for you? 

  • Be active in Facebook groups and whatever social media is relevant to your target audience. Post consistently, add value, and you'll get noticed — even if it takes some time!

Once you make the connect, there's more to be done. You have to make sure you're well-versed in being interviewed, that you're dynamic on camera and/or audio, and that you truly share content that's not simply Google-able.

Want tips on how to show up as an engaging virtual summit speaker? 

Sign up for my next livestream challenge where I'll coach you on how to be seen in a bigger way!



{PERSONAL JOURNEY DAY 12, 13, 14} Even the crappy ass doubt is a good thing.

Scott Webb Unsplash

This, right here, was precisely what I needed to hear today from Abraham Hicks, in terms of allowing and even LOVING all the contrast and the crap that's not necessarily "working out", at least from a surface level...

Sometimes, my worry gets to a point where I have a hard time breathing, but then I realize that I'm working myself up and life, so far, has always worked out, even in the most difficult of times.

So, I breathe through it, aim to be as present as possible for the miracle that is my daughter, and then move on...

That's when I found today's meditation and you can bet I'll be listening to it again before I go to bed tonight.

Best of all? 

I sent out this newsletter this morning and it's all about how in 2018, I'm motherfucking doubling my prices.

I'm tired of playing small, being afraid, having anything that holds me back from living in my fullest expression of self and Divine Light. 

There's an energy that's happening, a vibe of women RISING UP around the world. It's palpable here in Austin and when I talk about it with specific people, we intuitively and immediately get it...

That's the trip I want to be on, the one where we're here to help heal the world, ourselves, our planet, and shift everything into the next evolution of consciousness.

Are you with me? 

TO START, MAYBE YOU NEED A FEW MINUTES EVERY DAY TO BREATHE. As one of my favorite teachers shared with me, you can't "find time to meditate" — you've got to "make time."

If you'd love to find 10 more hours every week in just 60 seconds a day, sign up below for my free series of video & audio tips that can magically change your life as these tips did for mine...


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My Favorite Resources!

Hello Quence Unsplash

As an entrepreneur, it's nice when you can have a "cheat sheet" or an easy checklist for the resources you need!

Welp, here you go! These are my favorite resources that I use almost on the daily...

Client Management & Work Flow

  • HoneyBook

    • Every time a potential client receives an invoice, contract, or payment plan from me through HoneyBook, they remark how professional it looks and how easy it is to use! I love all the different features within HoneyBook, including opportunities to create different brochures for your services and even P&L statements.
    • Here's a special coupon code for you (exclusively from me) to save $200 on your annual subscription. Best of all, it's community is headed up by Natalie Franke, who also founded Rising Tide Society that believes in #communityovercompetition, and if you'd like to learn more, check out the interview I did with her in my FB Group!
  • Trello

    • Used by everyone from solopreneurs to major corporations, Trello is incredibly easy to use and collaborate with a team. You can put due dates, assign different tasks or create checklists, as well as upload documents and sync with your Google Drive. After recommending Trello, my clients have LOVED using it for everything from work to their personal lives.
  • LastPass

    • At some point, you're going to get big enough that you'll need collaborators, whether they're assistants or people managing your social media accounts. When that happens, LastPass is a great way to give people access to your accounts without having to share your login credentials — you can always revoke access at any time, too! 

Social Media Management

Uf, what a bear, right? Thankfully, there are tools that you can use to help you manage posting. I personally focus on my Facebook and Instagram accounts, so to that end, check out: 

  • Planoly

    • Recommended by many IG supah-stahs, like Hilary Rushford and Sam Bearfoot, I love Planoly because it's super easy to use, can sync with your Dropbox if you have images from photoshoots you want to use, and even allows you to search through Pixabay on their account. It's easy to repost images (hint: you'll want to do this to get your accounts in front of influencers) and includes analytics! Plus, founder Brandy Pham is inspiring and I interviewed her in my FB group, too — at my house!
  • Collaborave

    • I'm going to share with you my very best secret weapon when it comes to social media management, content creation, and simply stayin' on top of things — Jasmin, founder of Collaborave, is my assistant and I couldn't do what I do without her! If you're looking for someone absolutely epic, then this is who you're going to want to connect it, to help cheer you on and get sh@#$! done to move your business forward!

Productivity Tools

  • Loom

    • I LOVE LOVE LOVE Loom. (Have I said how much I love them?) They're SO easy to use, especially if you have to record videos to share your clients anything on the back-end or from your screen. I can't even believe how easily it integrates with your Gmail from the Chrome extension and is better than Screencast-O-Matic, which is what i was using before. Seriously, I LOVE this so much.
  • Calendly

    • This is how I schedule appointments with existing and potential clients, because Calendly easily syncs up with my Google calendar, so I don't have to do anything except to provide a link, once I've created specific events I allow clients to book! You can even ask a few brief questions, so you'll know what people are connecting with you about.
  • Typeform

    • This is my favorite way to create surveys after events or assessments before any coaching calls. It's a great resource to conduct market research and truly, you'll want to do as much market research as possible throughout the life of your business, to ensure that you're working smarter, rather than harder. A lot of my actual copy comes from what my clients share with me, which enables them to see that I truly understand where they're coming from!
  • MileIQ

    • How many times has your accountant asked you about your mileage as a consultant? I never had the right answer, but with this easy app, I can categorize all my travel and then just print out a report. SO easy.

I have a few more resources I've been using and testing out, and I'll keep updating this post as I go, so you'll want to bookmark this page, if you'd like to have a checklist of resources I love that are helping to move my business forward (and, even a few great deals for you!).


What do you use to streamline your business?

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{PERSONAL JOURNEY DAY 9, 10, 11, 12} Feelin' all the feels.


Many, many things have happened over the past few days of being too busy to post...

  • Rebekah of Fifteen-media and I hosted our first live event together and my first live event in Austin.
  • I hosted a five-day livestream challenge.
  • I launched a new mastermind.
  • I signed on with two last coaches (even though I promised myself I wouldn't sign up for anymore).
  • I'm adjusting to my husband's new sales gig, which means that we're with one functioning car and figuring out how to balance life & work.
  • I'm processing the aftermath of all the work I've done.
  • I've binge-watched plenty of The Americans.

I'm still feeling all the feels, so as I'm figuring things out (and knowing I need to dive deeper into meditation), I've been watching Abraham Hicks, which is speaking to my heart...


{PERSONAL JOURNEY DAY 8} The darkness and the light.

Annie Spratt Unsplash

For the past two days, I've pulled cards from The Wild Unknown deck that have shown great contrast — the first in darkness, the second in light.

In fact, both times the second card was the 10 of cups, which is extreme abundance and positivity.

But the card beforehand both carried warnings of shadow sides and temptations.

Yesterday was the first day that I got into an argument with my husband in months — although the trigger points still felt the same. We were able to talk through it and come to different sorts of conclusions, yet what I realized this morning is that I need to love more abundantly...

I have always felt like I have never had enough love and subsequently, especially in dealing with my postpartum depression, I have needed, needed, needed, and taken, taken, taken.

My husband, in the dynamic he's accustomed to, has given, given, given.

But here we are now, upleveling and learning how to be in more than simply a co-parenting partnership and instead, an actual intimate relationship.

Just now, I realized that I'm excited to learn how to love in a different where, where I ask how I can show up for another person, rather than wondering what I'm going to get in turn.

It's an exciting journey for both me and my love life, and I hope you'll come along and share your own experiences, too.

P.S. This is the awesome Abraham Hicks meditation I listened to this morning.


{PERSONAL JOURNEY DAY 7} Abundance in a tribe of women.

Frannie C Wild Hearted Words

Even though I've been super busy today, I'm going to keep at this, because there's nothing that feels shittier than a failed promise or commitment to oneself.

And, today, I want to say that my abundance comes from launching my first ever free 5-day livestream challenge (bit.ly/whw5live) that is ROCKING my world.

I am SO amazed at the ways these women in my tribe are showing up, authentically and honestly, sharing with such beauty, grace, and truth.

It fills my heart, especially as they keep thanking me for creating this space and forum for them, even when I am the one who is graced by their interactions and being witness to their inner and outer triumphs.

If you want to check it out, you still have time to join until midnight tonight. And, if you're a #bossbabe who simply wants to be in the presence of other amazing women, then the Wild Hearted Words Facebook Group is it.

How are you showing up and allowing yourself to be seen?

{PERSONAL JOURNEY DAY 6} When the Divine saved my life.

Jack Gisel Unsplash

There was a time when I definitely felt the Divine cross over the "Veil" that so many speak of to save my life. 

I was going a photoshoot with friends, novice photographers looking to build their practice by growing their portfolio.

"Fantastic!" I told them. I'd happily pose for them as a model in exchange for photos I could use from my own growing yoga business.

We went to UCSD, because we wanted to find somewhere that combined the aesthetic I love — grit and grace.

We found a stairwell in the art department, graffitied up and down the walls, perfect for the images they were looking to capture.

After they set up their lighting, I posed on the floor below them. Then, because I wanted to look "sexy" (and since I didn't feel it from within but wanted the knee-high boots I was wearing and the tight booty shorts I had on to do the trick), I climbed up onto the thin wooden railing of the stairs.

We were more than five flights up and each step was made of pure concrete. There was an abyss to the cement floor far down below. Metallic railing held up the thin wooden beam.

I reclined, ready for a shot I thought would look fantastic and suddenly, I felt myself slipping to the left — directly into the empty opening where I knew if I hit bottom, I would be dead.

I could hear my friend screaming, sounding far off. I could her her husband's footsteps immediately running down, and down, and down to come to where he thought I was about to land.

And in all of this commotion, I felt the swift invisible hand of a giant pick me up and lift me over the railing of the next floor to allow me to land as softly as possible on the next level below me.

I rolled down a few stairs, knocked my knees into oblivion, but by the time my friend's husband reached me, I immediately bounced right back up.

"I'm fine, I'm fine," I told them.

"WHAT!" my friend had caught up, still seemingly screaming. "Ohmigod, let's clean up, let's get out of here."

She seemed more frightened than I was. Shaking. Visibly. Her husband was examining me. 

"Are you sure you're okay?" he asked.

"Yeah, yeah!" I said, shrugging it off.

"I thought I was watching you DIE!" my friend continued to screech.

I convinced them to take more photos. I wanted to act like everything was okay. I didn't want to be the center of all this care.

15 minutes later, we packed up, and I tried to hide my limp as we made it back to my car. I drove back to my apartment, where they had parked, and they reluctantly got into their car to go home.

The instant I walked into my apartment, I collapsed in tears. I called my friend, shaking. I could not believe what happened, but I KNEW that I should have died and yet, I felt a force save me.

I am convinced the Divine saved my foolish ass that day. 

While on the surface, you can't see much of my injuries from that experience, I do believe I suffered nerve damage in my knee, as I can't feel anything when you press down on the spot where I landed.

A physical reminder of the tiny injury I walked away with, because the Divine loves me that much.


My feelings of abundance today stem from this incredible book I got from the library yesterday — going to the library has been one of my favorite things to do since I was little. I brought my younger siblings there, and now I do the same with my daughter.

As I was perusing the aisles, my husband reading our daughter a children's book in a nook with a Clifford doll, I asked quietly and inwardly, "Show me which book I'm meant to read."

Then, I found this: Birthing God: Women's Experiences of the Divine by Lana Dalberg. I'm only two chapters in and it's amazing...

I've been wanting to step into a more powerful arc of the Divine, where I can sense that there's this energy of women dynamically rising up, and it's beyond women simply learning about self-care. There's something profound that's happening and I can see we're on the cusp. So, I'd like to be helping to spearhead this movement and I keep asking... "How? How? How?"

Every morning I wake up, I ask the Divine, "Please use me as a vessel for the Greatest Good, including my own."

Abundance comes today by clearing out my house (I hate clutter) and selling things on NextDoor. Meeting cool neighbors. Bringing our hammock swing out to the front yard on this gorgeous day, so that Wilder and I could have a beautiful picnic with each other. 

Abundance comes from my husband making sales in his new gig today, too! Including as he works to sell Summer, our camper van. 

Abundance comes in dance parties and gratitude lists, and the power of clarity that unfolds in meditation, like how I've always been the one to give words to difficult feelings people have. 

How I'm quietly being asked to return to what is my greatest gift, but that which I have walked away from, because I thought it wasn't "enough"...

And, in knowledge, like in Gary Zukov's Seat of the Soul (with forwards by Oprah & Maya Angelou in this 25th anniversary edition), which I'm listening to now, as well, since I heard it mentioned twice in "random" happenstance and I thought I'd just get to the conclusion the Universe wants to send me to, much quicker, since I knew a third time would be comin' right around the corner. 

Do you say a mantra to yourself every morning? If so, what is it? 

Want 5 60-second tips that'll save you 10 hours a week? And, a sweet one-of-a-kind bonus gift?


{PERSONAL JOURNEY DAY 5} That little girl inside is still afraid.

Karl Fredrickson Unsplash

This past Thanksgiving, I told my husband's aunt and uncle a little more about my upbringing and how challenging it was.

Just now, while meditating, I realized that unless I truly let in that love that's all around us, I don't think that I'll feel the kind of abundance I'm craving... or achieve the dreams my soul is meant to experience, many of which I feel I don't even know yet.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes, in her book, Women Who Run With Wolves, talks at the very beginning about the misplaced zygote... how, for many wild women, we were zygotes in a basket, being brought to our ideal families, but we were bouncing so excitedly within our carrier, that we plopped right out and fell into a mismatched family instead.

That this, this heartbreak from the people who are meant to love you the most, begins your path to veering for the unconventional, the other, the seeking of what is your birthright down to the core of Mother Nature.

When I heard this story, I immediately felt connected.

I knew I was a wild woman from the moment I was conceived.

And yet, I was placed into a family that did not understand that, that feared it, that did not respect it, and so I became the black sheep that was completely unloved by anyone except for my grandmother.

This woman all of my aunts, uncles, and cousins — even my own parents — told me hated me, too.

My heartbreak for not having the family I wanted runs deep. And, it is just beneath the surface all the time, as I am bittersweetly reminded of this in parenting my own daughter.

What I want to give her versus what I got growing up.

When I met my husband, he saw me like no one else had ever done before. Only recently did I meet another colleague who could see past the defense mechanisms that I have set, because he understands from a core level based on his own experience.

I know that in order to receive the love of the Universe, this abundance, this greatness, I must remember that I am whole. I am healed and healing. I am worthy of it all.


Do you know how the book, Women Who Run With Wolves, this grand tome that so many powerful women espouse, came into my hands?

It was right before I met my husband on Kauai. There was another man who met me at a bbq and wanted to take me out — his name also started with a "J." He also had longish curly hair. He also cared about eating organic.

He asked me to meet him at Secrets Beach for a quick hike. This series of beaches is one of the most beautiful on all of Kauai with its peachy sand and the ability to be naked far off into the ends, fresh water running down the cliff sides.

We walked over rocks and tree roots and sand, passing by one man. Then, another woman sunning on a towel. Just those two in the entire hour or so that we were strolling. 

On the way back, there was no one. And yet, as we kept making our way back to the beginning, there was a noticeable black object prominently placed on a rock, to our left.

We walked up to it. 

Seated on this rock was the Estes' book, Women Who Run With Wolves.

We looked up ahead. We looked behind us. We looked all around and there was no one to be seen. Not the people we initially passed and not anyone else coming or going.

"I think that's for you," he said.

I nodded, thinking, 'Of course it is. Thank you, Mama Kauai.'

There are many stories like this, stories of people losing even their glasses in the sand or the sea and suddenly, propped right there, is the very thing they need.

This book has come with us on all of our adventures since it came into my hands on Kauai. It's not an easy-breezy read, so I haven't quite gone through all of it, and in fact, am still at the beginning, but there is not one woman I admire who doesn't know of its existence.


One of Abraham Hicks' suggested exercises is to place $100 in your pocket. You walk around all day thinking, 'I could buy that, I could buy that, and I could buy that,' so that you feel you are perpetually coming from a place of abundance.

You don't spend it. You simply change your thoughts around it.

Tonight, we sold an Apple Airport that we never used and lugged with us throughout our cross-country travels. 

I placed the cash on my husband's desk and mentioned it to him, while he was bathing our daughter.

"Didn't you say that you needed $100 for something?" he asked.

"Oh!" I exclaimed. "That's right, I did want it!" and I placed the money beside our bed, so that I could see it going to bed, could see it waking up, and will bring it with me throughout my days to shift my mindset around all that I can have.

That little girl within me, she still hurts from the scarcity. If I can mother my daughter, perhaps I can learn how to mother myself just the same...

Is there a little girl inside you who needs to be heard?


{PERSONAL JOURNEY DAY 4} The Abundance of Thanksgiving.

Unsplash Thanksgiving

"Abundance can come in all forms," one of my former coaches told me. "It doesn't have to happen directly TO you — it can happen to the people around you, and from there, you also experience abundance."

Which is true... because two days ago, my husband made his first sale in the new work he's doing, where he's selling solar energy. 

This directly impacts the wellbeing of our family. And, even though the abundance didn't come to me specifically, it's still coming to me...


Yesterday, on Thanksgiving, I was abundantly filled with a gorgeous day to take my husband's aunt and uncle on a gorgeous tour of Austin... we hiked up the stairs at Mount Bonnell, went to see the peacocks at Mayfair Garden, explored the backside of Barton Springs, and had amazing conversation throughout.

This was amidst Wilder feeling horrible — she had developed a fever and was getting increasingly itchy from her reaction to penicillin, so my husband took care of her at home, while I got some time to be an adult with my in-laws.

We had a delicious meal, which ended up being mostly vegan, because my husband's aunt had recently changed her diet, and before we ate, went around the table to share our gratitude... that alone felt incredibly abundant, especially when we came to Wilder last.

"I'm grateful for everyone coming." 

It was the sweetest moment. Ever.


{PERSONAL JOURNEY DAY 3: Going the wrong way.}

Neon Brand Unsplash

I realized that drinking doesn't make me feel so great — and yet, the impulse of instant gratification tugs at me, as well as simply social acceptance...

I've already begun to shift my diet towards more of a vegan lifestyle: while my conscience prefers this, my taste buds don't always, and the entire reason I'm doing it is because my joints have started swelling. My mother suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and now, at the age of 39, I find myself battling the first signs of it, too.

Could it be universal luck that my husband suffers from ankylosing spondilitis, so that when he was 17, he began to feel arthritis so badly in his hips, he could no longer walk? The doctors told him he'd have to get hip replacement surgery and that he might never walk again, but he was defiant. 

"I'm only 17!" he thought, and so he went on an educational spree of finding out what could help "heal" his body. 

Changing his diet was the only way. He began to free himself of gluten, dairy, caffeine, sugar, and alcohol.

He did indeed cure himself and hasn't had a bout of bad arthritis attacks like he did when he was young since then (he's now 38). So, I'm taking a page out of his book, and since he's the dominant chef in our household, it's really quite easy to follow along.

So, for that, I am grateful.


I tried meditating when I woke up this morning and just felt SO FAR from Spirit. I couldn't do it, so I left my bedroom to see my adorable daughter in her onesie pajama, face completely rose-cheeked from the allergic reaction she's had to penicillin. We waited for my husband's aunt and uncle to wake, grateful they're visiting for Thanksgiving.

Then, my husband and I talked about our day's schedule, how we'd split childcare, so that I could work and so could he. We had a tough conversation last night about finances, and while we both have faith that everything is working out, it still makes my heart sink into my stomach to feel that there's a place we KNOW we both can and WILL get to, we're just not quite there yet.

It'll make a damn good story, I think to myself and it's something we even say to each other now and again.

As I prep for my shower, I check my email very quickly and marvel... yesterday, I wanted to give up. I said to the Universe, "I know you have big plans for me, so please show me the way." It's the mantra I say every morning I wake up.

Then, today, I get an unexpected payment from a fellow female entrepreneur who I had supported during a complimentary call. I shared with her an array of resources and she said that while she didn't have the money to work with me quite yet, she wanted to.

I told her, "How about this. I'll give you access to these different courses I've created and when you're ready, here's my PayPal link and you can donate whatever you can and whatever you feel is fair!"

It's been a month and today, she honored that energetic exchange. 

The selling process for a lot of entrepreneurs is hard — the actual "asking" for the "Yes" from the right clients. 

I put it out there yesterday to an ideal client I've worked with before, because I KNOW I can help her achieve her dreams and today, she sweetly called me "Boss" and said "Yes," and she'll know more about her finances after Thanksgiving, so we'll touch base again then.

When talking to a fellow coach yesterday on a support call, this gorgeous soul from England told me that it's not about whether a person necessarily has the means right then and there — it's about their mindset and their willingness to invest in themselves. THAT makes all the difference. Whoever you're targeting, when you think about it, when anyone really wants something, they'll make that happen...

And, it's only 9am, so there's more manifesting of this day to come... 


My feeling of abundance come from two meetings I had: 

  • One with a man who interviewed me on a podcast. I'm usually the interviewer, so when I meet someone who asks me pointed and smart questions, I'm impressed — and that's what he did. He asked the hard questions, encouraged me to keep on talking when I wanted to stop and censor myself, and got me to realizing that I can't fool myself about dreams I want to have. Mostly, he helped me see what my mindset block is in becoming big... and I've been asking the Universe about this. 
    • What's holding me back from great success? I've been wanting to know. I have the tools, the education, the strategies, and even the support, so what is it? It's the fact that I'm still so guarded, still so afraid that someone will truly need me, when I feel like I need love to start with.
    • Childhood wounds can be hard to heal, but what I saw in this conversation is how love is everywhere... and that is a mantra I will come back to: I am loved. Love is everywhere. I am okay.
  • The second meeting I had was with a woman the man above actually encouraged me to connect with. I did, and we had an epic conversation... this woman who's a published author with Hay House and who's ready to share about me to her 10,000+ list and growing Facebook group.
    • She expressed how she got burned with her last branding expert and I asked her the question in genuine desire that so many coaches have taught is essential, "How can I be of service to you? How can I help you?"
    • She was surprised, taken aback, didn't know what to say. "No one ever asks me that," she said, "So... I'm not really sure what to say." I knew that I could help her with her brand story, and that's precisely what I aim to do.

When it comes to the scarcity mentality, I can see how I've had it even when networking: my underlying motive was, "How can this person serve me?" rather than, "How can I truly help this person?"

I believe that you can't ask the latter from a genuine place unless you truly feel like you're coming from a place of abundance, and yesterday, I felt for the first time ever, that I was saying it true.

How do you show up to be of service? Are there other expectations or motives on your part?



The Six Questions to Ask Before Launching Anything

Eben Pagan

I used these six questions in my customized Typeform, inspired by Eben Pagan, before launching my most recent challenge and found them to be epic...

Modify however you need to for your own business:

  1. What's your biggest frustration with your [challenge]?
  2. What have you tried so far that hasn't worked for you? 
  3. What worries you? What are you afraid will happen if you don't get help?
  4. What would you be willing to do to get the outcome you want? 
  5. If you could have one question answered about the [challenge] you're experiencing, what would it be?

In doing a quick Google search, I also came across this YouTube video of Eben's in regards to testing your niche...

It's interesting, because the three questions he asks are: 

  1. Is my prospective customer experiencing pain + urgency or irrational passion? 
  2. Is my prospective customer proactively looking for a solution to their problem or desire? 
  3. Does my prospective customer have few to no perceived options to solve their problem or achieve their desired result?

I feel that when it comes to what I'm doing, the answer is "yes" for numbers 1 & 2, but not necessarily #3.

What does that mean? 

It's asking how can I make it so that the things that I sell and the services I provide are incomparable? 

That's a question I'm working on answering now.

What about you? Can you get "yes's" to the answer to all three of the questions above?



{PERSONAL JOURNEY DAY 2: Releasing the Resistance}

Flaunter Unsplash

This story... I've had magic appear in my life like this, but not quite to this degree... or is that even true? 

I listened to this Abraham Hicks video this morning, and I usually see what's come up in my feed as a serendipitous sign of something to pay attention to.

Today, I really heard it. I heard my hard resistance. 

It made me realize how, as 2018 is coming, I want to live a different way... 

I work hard. Damn hard. But, I'm tired of the hustle. 

On my list of what to do today: 

  • Meditate wayyyyy more.

Also, I picked a tarot card... The Wild Unknown deck was calling to me. And, what did it say? Seems like, as always, it knew where I was, because today, my husband and I had a very real discussion about finances, and I thought to the Universe afterward, "Don't you want me to be happy? Aren't I supposed to be doing this?"

Then, as I was making lunch, there it was on the clock of the oven, the numbers 1:11 repeating, which, like Jess Lively believes (I recently found out), reminds me that I'm on my path...

Wild Unknown Tarot Deck

And, do my gratitude list: 

  1. I'm grateful for Kathryn and Danielle, the amazing mastermind I meet with every two weeks, even at 6am my time.
  2. I'm grateful that we have medical care, since my daughter has developed a rash all over and my husband is taking her to the doctor to get her checked out.
  3. I'm grateful for how present my husband is as a father and in our lives.
  4. I'm grateful for Jessica Lorimer's Dotties group on FB with a tribe of amazing women who help me out.
  5. I'm grateful for tea.
  6. I'm even more grateful for coffee.
  7. I'm grateful Jules' family members are coming into town for Thanksgiving.
  8. I'm grateful for my upcoming workshop and the amazing partnership I've had so far with Rebekah.
  9. I'm grateful for all the vendors who've believed in us and are sponsoring our event!
  10. I'm grateful to be in Austin, Texas.

What are you grateful for today?



{PERSONAL JOURNEY DAY 1: Romanticizing Debt.}

Luigi Colonna Unsplash

There are parts of me that romanticize debt... as through there's an illusion around the struggle that somehow, it's attractive.

I'm a romantic at heart, so I'm suspicious that a part of me craves the drama... that I've learned how to operate from such a high stress place, when things are calm, I haven't really known what to do with myself, except to churn more to worry about.

Until now.

Today was NOT a victory. That much is easy to say.

I didn't come into a windfall of money. I didn't even come away with a major win for mindset. I couldn't even win tonight in being an epic parent, because my daughter had a rare meltdown over the fact that I mixed her coconut water with regular water, and then it devolved from there.

Here's what I did do today:

  • I listened to this Abraham Hicks speech in the morning.
    • I wanted to get the $100 and put it in my pocket like they talk about, or making columns of debt to see where we're paying things off quickly, but I couldn't ply myself away from my laptop, and so, tonight before I go to bed, I'll visualize as best as I can.
  • I did acknowledge how hard it was for me today in my FB group, in my business support group, and to my assistant, all of which brought about encouragement, but I think I just need to feel more connected to Spirit again.

And, so I keep surrendering.

Today, that's all I've got.



{Recipe} Nostalgia, Bittersweet Memories & Motherhood

Calum Lewis Unsplash

Our doula had told us that there would be moments in parenting when we would be asked to face painful points of our past — that mamahood does that. 

It asks you to revisit parts of your past in moving forward with your present and your future, all because of a little being you helped bring and nurture into the world.

My daughter likes to wake up early. 5:30am is when we tell her that it's a good time to get up, and sometimes, depending on the seasons, this can shift to be earlier or later. 

Recently, she's been waking in the middle of the night, looking for us, wanting a cuddle. Because she's our only child and we don't plan on having anymore, we indulge her for a few moments, before we bring her back to her bed, and allow her to resettle herself.

This morning, I told my husband he could sleep in.

The light hadn't yet come through the windows and my daughter was marveling at a fish we're pet-sitting for friends.

Every morning, she wants an "almond milk smoothie," and after that, we begin the process of prepping her breakfast and packing her lunch for school.

This morning, I had the inclination to try something different.

"Would you like cinnamon toast?" I asked my daughter, who recently decided she loved this spice.

I rummaged through our cabinets to figure out how I could make this healthfully, because the last time I made this was for my youngest brother — with white toast, white sugar, non-organic butter, and cinnamon that had been in the cabinet for who knows how long.

He loved it. He was eight years old at the time. 

When I left for college, he called me one day and asked, "Judy? Could you tell me how to make that cinnamon toast again?"

Ever since he was a baby, he was the one I was connected to most. I would cuddle with him on the floors in the morning while he was an infant, before I walked myself to school.

He's the one I scooped up immediately when the Northridge Quake happened, fleeing outside the house.

He's the one who'd hang out with me and all of my friends, following us around like the most adorable dimpled duckling.

I'm the one my parents called when he had appendicitis and wouldn't get out of the car post-surgery, because it hurt him too much. I was already at college, and was coaxing him to come out and into the house, despite how much it hurt.

When he called me that day in my dorm freshman year, my heart both cracked and melted. I missed him tremendously and felt enormous guilt that I wasn't there to protect him, because by now, my parents marriage was completely off kilter and careening towards rocky cliff-sides that I wasn't around to protect him from.

These days, my youngest brother is a fully grown man. He's 31. He just got engaged.

And, my heart cracks again that along the way, our bond dissolved, so that when he was proposing, I ended up finding out on an Instagram story.

All of this is what I thought about while making my daughter's cinnamon toast.

She took a bite, delighted.

I tried it, too.

It was delicious.

After my husband dropped her off at school, he came home to tell me that she was excitedly noshing on it on the way there, that she told him, "This is very good toast!" and when he returned, I made him a slice. 

And one for me, too.

There are so many moments in my mamahood journey that are bittersweet. I breathe through them and find the gift of the moment.

Life. It's never black or white. It's radiant in the grey.

Here's the gluten-free cinnamon toast recipe I came up with... maybe your lil' ones will like it, too!

  • Choose your favorite gluten-free bread. My husband buys the Trader Joe's brand.
  • Get yourself some ah-MAYZING coconut manna
    • If you've never tried coconut manna, it's the fleshy part of the coconut and becomes an incredibly rich and sweet spread — highly nutritious.
  1. Toast the bread on both sides in a skillet with butter (or coconut oil, if you'd like it to be vegan).
  2. When it's still warm, spread the manna on it. 
  3. Sprinkle lavishly with organic cinnamon.
  4. Drizzle local honey (great for your immune system to get the nutrients your body needs, because the local bees are processing it for your specific environment).
  5. Enjoy!

Lemme know how it goes. :)


Passion Led Us Here


When I was pregnant and afterward, I stopped feeling a connection to Source...

You'd think it was the opposite? That in the midst of my body doing this completely miraculous thing of BRINGING NEW LIFE into the world, that I'd feel absolutely bonded to my sense of spirituality.

Nope. Not at all.

I was so ill during that time that I had to have an IV placed into my arm at some point, filled with anti-nausea medication, to simply give me a little bit of reprieve from the constant throwing up day and night — all 24 hours long.

After she was born, I still felt far from Source. I couldn't get connected. None of the tools that I had used thus far in my life, to create absolute MAGIC, worked...

Why hadn't any of my spiritual teachers told me this?

That along the way on my path, I might have to completely revamp everything I thought about myself, about life, about how I approached my practice of faith?

I was angry.

I was mad at the Universe.

I was furious at whatever my interpretation of the Divine was.

"WHERE HAVE YOU GONE?!" I pleaded inwardly and, sometimes, outwardly.

This morning, while my husband, daughter and I sat side-by-side to breakfast on the long bench that makes up our dining table, positioned in the ways we usually are (me on the left, her in the middle, my husband on the right), I realized...

"OH, THIS is Divinity."

I pulled her hair back from getting into the jam on her gluten-free toast, and in doing so, told her, "We never imagined we would have anyone as brilliant as you."

My husband tells her this often, that he had a feeling she'd be awesome, but he could never have imagined how incredibly she truly is — that she goes beyond anything we could have comprehended.

And that, right there, has been the Divine in front of my face all along.

The feeling of being separate, of being far, was actually the fact that my belief in BIG MAGIC had suddenly become so truly tangible, that I can hug her.

I can kiss her.

I can help soothe her when she's hurting.

And sometimes, she gently draws my hair back too, saying, "You can do, you can do it."

Whatever you imagine for your life, know that there are possibilities beyond what you can comprehend right now. There is a whole scope on the edge of what you know, what you can conceive, what you can see, that is beyond any grand notion you may ever have had.

I just realized in writing this, that I always sit on the left... which what I've learned in yoga, is the feminine.

The yin.

My husband always sits on the right, which represents the masculine...

The yang.

And our daughter?

She sits in between us. The perfect balance of it all.

A mix of light and serious, impulsive and patient, faithful and faith-filled... pure wonder.

Cowboy boots and taking risks



I used to hate garage sales and second-hand stores. Now, I love them, because they're where I can find absolute one-of-a-kind gems that speak to my personal style. 

This past weekend, I found a pair of new Frye cowboy boots for $40. 

Size 8 1/2. 

Made for me. 


'Am I really going to wear these?' I asked myself, as Wilder played with a stuffed animal from another table beside me.

Here's the thing — I'm so TIRED of the ways that I've been.

I'm tired of my style. I want to be more free-flowing, more bohemian, more gypsy, but when I put these clothes on, I feel like I'm playing pretend, that I look more like a pirate than a whimsical woman.

And, this isn't just about my clothes!

It's about the entirety of who I am...

I'm tired of relying upon my intellect to succeed. I want to dive more into the touchy feely, the heart bits, the ways that a quiet and doubting voice in the back of my mind says, "You can't really make money at that."

I'm tired of allowing the imprints made upon me when I was a kid to still make such an impact on my life now, as an adult. It's time to tell the adults in my life back then, "You were wrong," and to give myself permission to stand in my own truths.

I'm fucking tired of feeling tired at all! And, struggling only because the whole reason I'm struggling at all is because I keep getting in my own way and making things harder for myself, since UP UNTIL NOW, I've been used to the hustle rather than the ease.

When I worked with Herbalife's corporate offices, I was not a big fan of their saying, "Fake it 'til you make it!" 

Now, I get that in certain elements of your life, you DO have to take action before you start feeling it as truth.

So, I'm making up my own saying: "Work it 'til you twerk it."

When I was living in South Carolina, my friend Rebecca (who came from a family of therapists) said to me, "If you don't want the same results you're getting, you've got to do the opposite of what you would normally do."

That's what I'm doing.

That's what you can expect from here on forth.

I want to spearhead a kick-ass revolution for millennial women to be authentically you, and it truly starts with me showing up.

Ruffling feathers.

Being more provocative.

Speaking my truth.

And, being the best guide that I can be, by growing and sharing along the way. 

If it's not for you, that's totally okay. I get it. I've gotten to the point where I accept that I don't have to please everyone. And, I send you love as you pursue your own path.

If it does speak to you, then HELL YEAH, SISTA.

I'm so stoked you're here.

Have a beautiful rest of your week,