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Publishing is a powerful marketing tool to boost exposure for your brand and establish yourself as the expert you already are.

Raeka Beauty

Thanks to those secret sources, I keep getting featured.

Thanks to those secret sources, I keep getting featured. Got 2 more coming this month! You are serious magic!

~ Rekha Panda, founder of RAEKA BEAUTY, featured on Huffington Post and more.

With this 4-week partnership, you'll not only learn how to pitch yourself to garner powerful PR responses (and we're not talking "pay-to-play" here), you'll also benefit from my 20-years of powerful pitching prowess and manifesting mojo to get you the kind of bylines and features you've always dreamed of.

Best of all, I blend my left + right brained thinking to craft a bespoke strategy that converts increased attention into highly engaged followers — and high-paying clients.

  • Up-level your business in a big way by getting international media moguls, like Arianna Huffington, and editors at premier publications, like The Washington Post, responding to you personally.

  • Know precisely where to pitch, what content sells, and how to get editors, influencers, and interviewers to say, "YES!"

  • Position yourself to charge premium prices — your ideal clients already know your value before they even get on the phone with you.

  • Get plug n' play copy crafted just for you that communicates precisely what you're about, saving you time AND getting you meaningful traction.

  • Learn exactly what to say in which marketing medium, including LIVE interviews.

  • Stand out as YOU with your unique story, voice, and authenticity that truly connects to your tribe.


Program Details:


We'll work together to craft a Media Kit, so you know how to interact with key influencers that can get you the kind of exposure you need for your brand/business. You'll also receive a personalized pitch letter you can use as an evergreen plug n' play template. And, get exclusive access to my e-book filled with actual pitch emails that have garnered enthusiastic "yes's" — even from Arianna Huffington herself.


From publications to podcasts (read: where your ideal clients are hanging out), you'll discover how to find out who you need to talk to. Learn insider tips on how to approach editors in the right way, figure out which outlets are seeking submissions, and get exclusive invite-only access to Facebook groups for more industry secrets on how to get seen by the right people.

Follow-Up Etiquette

Is it okay to pitch the same piece to multiple publications? How do you handle editor responses — or lack thereof? What's okay to say when it comes to getting your bio and byline front and center in front of readers? There's a delicate line to follow when you're following up on pieces you've submitted. We'll cover all of this and more.

Implementation & Editing

We'll work through shared documents, so you can implement and edit your original pieces, that could potentially become your own self-published book.

4 Weeks of Platform-building support includes:

  • 1 Original Brand Story

  • 1 Media Kit

  • 1 Month of Powerful Pitching Support




Hi, Judy! I’m the editor of MindBodyGreen and I just wanted to reach out and let you know how much I LOVE your writing: your candor, thoughtfulness, and spark! We have one slated to post tomorrow, another for Friday, and then we’ll roll out the other two in the next few weeks. I’m so thrilled your writing for MBG and I hope you’ll consider sending more pieces!
— Kerry Shaw, Editor of MindBodyGreen
Kara Ann

I got a response from Arianna Huffington within 5 hours.

"Before investing in Wild Hearted Words, I was wondering whether or not I'd actually learn enough to get published. I pitched 2 articles that were accepted to Thrive Global and just pitched 2 more articles to SELF that are being reviewed. I was asked to be a contributing writer to Thrive Global by Arianna Huffington and got a direct response from her within 5 hours. I am so thankful to you and this experience!"

~ Kara, Travel Writer & Therapist

Jen Colaw

My writing sounds 1,000 times better.

"My main concern before joining Wild Hearted Words was spending the money... I would definitely recommend the program, because I have gained so much more insight about myself, such as my work habits, mindset, and relationship around money. It's not just clarity on my business, it's clarity on how I am getting in my way of living to my fullest potential... I loved the feedback on my writing. It still sounded like my voice, but you made just a few minor adjustments and made it sound 1,000 times better."

~ Jen, Yoga Teacher