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modern mystic story school: courses


unlock the magic of writing your dreams into realitY.

There are many ways to discover your high priestess powers — all through storytelling + writing + manifesting with Spirit.
The truth is: you are whole and you are healed.
You may have just forgotten that along the way. Let's help you remember.
Explore which journey is right for you!

Judy Tsuei

Write a bestselling book

You’re ready to build your platform in a big way — and to become a bestselling author. In this 6-month group coaching program, you’ll write an entire book from idea to publication, become an Amazon bestseller, and learn how to convert your new author status into actual boosts in revenue.

Program launches January 2019.

Judy Tsuei

Modern Mystic Story School 101: Liquid Light Writing

Want to connect more deeply to your Intuition? Excited to live with flow and ease? Want to dive into your creative side as the writer you’ve always wanted to be? This Liquid Light Writing Program is a 3-month journey into your soul calling and purpose.

Program launches October 1, 2018.

Judy Tsuei

Modern Mystic story school 102: Heal your eating disorder completely

You’ve tried everything from therapy to 12-Step programs and you’re still struggling with your eating disorder, body image issues, or your relationship with food. You KNOW there’s another path to thriving, but you simply haven’t found it yet. If you’re ready to discover a whole new way towards healing, this phenomenal 3-month program is for you!

Program launches November 1, 2018.




Just a lil’ praise…

Arianna Huffington


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You had me articulate for the first time many things that I never said aloud. About WHY I do it. About WHO I love working with... Such a powerful review of my beliefs, things I stand for, and practicing saying them out loud makes me stronger, more grounded within myself. Upleveling MASSIVELY.
— Gosia Potoczna, Sales Funnel Strategist
Thanks for this, Judy. You are awesome. So glad I said hell yes to this!
— Ashley Johns, Fitness Coach
I’m really digging on your encouragement around showing up authentically in vulnerability, knowing that it and I am enough, knowing I do have something to offer and can help other women.
— Joelle Blake, Health Coach for Mamas
Can I just say I am so happy and honored to be working with you!!!
— Annique Sampson, Life Coach
I’m not someone who tends to cry easily unless it deeply moves me. Yet, I’ve cried so many tears of joy and gratefulness these past few days.
— Diane Carr, Sacred Events