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February 2018 Mini-Mastermind:


CREATE a carefree editorial calendar

"What I want most is a clear plan and concrete action steps that will move my business forward. I often sit down to my computer and don't know what will be the best use of my time. Should I post on Instagram? Write a blog post? Work with Facebook? Etc. Help!"

If that sounds like you, this workshop is exactly what you need. In two hours, we'll dive into a step-by-step editorial calendar, so that you can have your very own smart content marketing strategy mapped out that'll cover at least three-months worth of content.

Stop sitting in overwhelm and frustration, making lists of lists, or procrastinating (and procrastinating some more). The next time you sit down to your laptop, you'll know precisely what next steps to take when it comes to creating for your business AND you'll discover the secret sauce to crafting the right content that gets real engagement and feels true to who you are.Best of all, you'll get access to a replay of the workshop, so if you missed anything at all, you'll be able to review.

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Cost: $147

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How do i share my story on livestreams?

You're tired of all the pomp & circumstance you see on social media and you're ready to communicate AUTHENTICALLY to your tribe, so that you can build a base of 1,000 raving fans (Google it!) who'll continue to invest in you and what you have to offer for the long-term (remember, it's easier to sell to people who've already fallen in love with you than to try to acquire new customers again & again).

You're ready to share the heartfelt stories, the ones that require you to be bold and brave, fierce and courageous, open and honoring, so that you can finally be SEEN as the Light you are, and from that, you'll illuminate the path for many others to find their own brilliance, too.

This workshop will help you gain clarity on exactly what stories to share on Livestreams and live interviews.



You're ready to increase visibility for your business, but just aren't sure how — and, you don't want to invest a ton in a PR specialist or marketing manager. The good news is that there are PLENTY of ways for you to get seen in a big way with the power of your own two fingers and an email.

In two hours, you'll learn how to craft a compelling pitch letter to get published in an array of online and print publications, to get on podcast interviews on top iTunes-rated shows, and even to attract ideal clients to your livestream or YouTube content.


slow their scroll! Craft the perfect Instagram content.

"What do I write on Instagram for engagement & conversions?"

What you want is a might & engaged tribe, not several hundred thousand followers who simply scroll on by what you have to say and share. So... how do you get your ideal client to "slow their scroll" and say exactly what your ideal client needs to hear to click-through and give you their email address, learn more about your services or products, or become a devoted fan?

This workshop is for you!

Instagram Training