Finally, score big bylines for your bottom line.

Get published.

You have a story that needs to be heard — and your ideal clients are waiting to hear it! We'll use publishing as a powerful marketing approach to boost exposure for your brand. And, we'll apply smart strategy to convert your readers into ideal clients.

What can you expect from the Get Published Program?

  • Up-level your business in a big way by getting international media moguls, like Arianna Huffington, and editors at premier publications, like The Washington Post, responding to you personally.
  • Finally figure out how to craft your story in a genuine and powerful way that connects with your tribe emotionally — all without oversharing!
  • Stand out as YOU with your unique story, voice, and authenticity.
  • Know precisely where to pitch, what content sells, and how to get editors to say, "YES!"
  • Enjoy plug & play pitch templates, so that you'll communicate with confidence like a true #BossBabe.
  • Learn how to write compelling copy that converts!
  • Position yourself to charge premium prices, because your ideal client will absolutely know your value.

AND ideal clients who truly want to connect!

Arianna Huffington

Program Structure

Week 1 — Where Is Your Richest Content?

We craft the core stories you need to create an epic brand, ones that your ideal clients absolutely identify themselves with, so they know YOU are their person! We'll then explore how to craft pieces around these core stories, so that you can pitch rich content that'll get you published. 

Week 2 — Overcoming the Fear Factor

We'll work together to craft a personalized pitch letter that you can use as an evergreen plug & play template. You'll get exclusive access to my e-book filled with actual pitch emails I wrote that garnered enthusiastic "yes's" — even from Arianna Huffington herself! Most importantly, we'll work through any mindset blocks you might have on putting yourself out there to get seen and yes, sometimes get rejected. (Pssst... it's all good, every "no" leads you closer to a "yes"!)

Week 3 — The Perfect Places to Plug & Play Pitch

You'll discover where to find the perfect places to pitch (read: publications your ideal clients are reading). You'll also learn insider tips on how to approach editors in the right way, figure out which editors are seeking submissions, and get exclusive invites to facebook groups for more industry secrets on how to get your pieces seen by the right people.

Week 4 — Follow-Up Etiquette

There's a delicate line to walk when you're following up on pieces you've submitted, especially if you're excited. Do you know if it's okay to pitch the same piece to multiple publications? How do you handle editor responses — or lack thereof? What's okay to say when it comes to also getting paid for the pieces you've submitted? We'll cover all of this and more!

Implementation & Editing

We'll work through a shared Trello board and you'll have Voxer access to me, so that we can implement and edit what you've learned over the past three weeks.

You'll receive:

One 60-Minute Launch Call on Zoom
Three 45-Minute Follow-Up Calls on Zoom
Two Hours of Editing Support via Voxer & Trello

Judy Tsuei


Book before the end of September 2017 can get complimentary access to ALL my self-paced courses on Teachable!

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Kara Ann

I got a response from Arianna Huffington within 5 hours.

"Before investing in Wild Hearted Words, I was wondering whether or not I'd actually learn enough to get published. I pitched 2 articles that were accepted to Thrive Global and just pitched 2 more articles to SELF that are being reviewed. I was asked to be a contributing writer to Thrive Global by Arianna Huffington and got a direct response from her within 5 hours. I am so thankful to you and this experience!"

~ Kara, Travel Writer & Therapist

Jen Colaw

My writing sounds 1,000 times better.

"My main concern before joining Wild Hearted Words was spending the money... I would definitely recommend the program, because I have gained so much more insight about myself, such as my work habits, mindset, and relationship around money. It's not just clarity on my business, it's clarity on how I am getting in my way of living to my fullest potential... I loved the feedback on my writing. It still sounded like my voice, but you made just a few minor adjustments and made it sound 1,000 times better."

~ Jen, Yoga Teacher

Amelia, writer

I rediscovered my passion.

“I did feel a bit nervous about sharing my hopes and dreams, about acknowledging my naivety on how to reach them. Mostly, I was afraid to be held accountable. If I stated my desires, would I be viewed as failure for not achieving them? However, the space Judy held completely dissipated any fear or worry. It's as if mountains were moved that once stood in my way. 

I found my center. I found what works for me. I found my own, unique, completely personalized system of success. I rediscovered my passion. 

The first aspect that stood out to me was Judy's ability to be informative and practical, yet simultaneously maintain a spiritual presence. She offered tools and support within all realms, including those deep spaces where we might not dare to look on our own. I feel like she really saw me... and helped me to see myself in a new, empowered way.” 

~Amelia, Writer

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