You're a defiant, set-your-own-standard-of-happy, individual path kind of person. You've achieved five-figure success — now you're ready to create even bigger momentum. It's not about having the biggest social media following, because even if you did, the conversion is minimal. It's about having the STORY OF YOU that drives the following!

To truly stand out, you need radical authenticity. 
Real vulnerability. 
And, the brand story of YOU.

Dive into epic coaching backed by smart strategy to craft genuine narratives only you can tell. Podcasting is a highly converting medium with affluent and educated active audiences, ready to hear what you have to say. We get you the exposure you need, by pitching your beautiful brand story to podcasts and media for big impact exposure that converts.

Silk Celia Relationship Coach

I just booked my first podcast!

"I just had my first podcast with Kristy Hunt - Empower Your Life - from the platform you sent me... It was chilling and amazing... I coached her live and she experienced the strength of being vulnerable. Wow... Much Love!"

~ Silk, Relationship Expert


The get on podcasts program is right for you if:

Judy Tsuei writer
  • You're an established business owner, yet you're having a hard time growing your business, because you're not getting seen and not enough people know what you do,
  • You're quite confident when you pitch to media for more exposure,
  • You're not capturing or converting any press or exposure you do get!
  • You're in need of story coaching to show up the way you want to in Facebook Lives, interviews, and on camera.
  • You're looking to further establish yourself as a premier expert in your field,
  • You're truly ready up-level your business in a big way!

proven to work for me and my clients:

Kelly Atwood
  • Confidently find your unique voice and learn how to tell the right stories to tell without oversharing in the online space.
  • Discover how to speak on-the-fly in a way that creates intentional calls-to-action for listeners to become clients.
  • Get featured in the right media outlets with purposeful and powerful storytelling that emotionally connects.
  • Explore smart strategies to ensure you're converting increased exposure into premium paying clients.
  • Learn insider secrets of the publishing industry to craft the perfect pitches that can get you personalized responses, premier billing, and clients finding you:


Week 1 — Clarity On Your Brand Story & Ideal Clients

 I'll take you on my trademark "Heroine's Journey," where you'll explore your own personal narrative and how it relates to the clients you're aiming to attract. By better understanding how to communicate about your brand, you'll also know what to say so you can truly emotionally connect with your audience, because emotions sell, facts tell. We'll get your audience so excited, they can't wait to reach out to you!

Week 2 — Create Your "Yes, We'll Book You!" Press Kit

Consider this your secret PR weapon! You'll learn how to craft a compelling press kit to send into the world to help you get booked for regional, national, and global exposure from podcast interviews to speaking engagements, and more. Create amazing impact AND save time with your professional #BossBabe Press Kit at the ready.

Week 3 — It's Time to Get Seen

We'll work together to craft a personalized pitch letter that you can use as an evergreen plug & play template to start booking interviews. You'll get exclusive access to my e-book filled with actual pitch emails I wrote that got me booked on podcasts & garnered enthusiastic "yes's"!

Week 4 — On-The-Fly Storytelling

Livestreams. Videos. Sales Pitches. Questions during interviews. I'll coach you on what to say on-the-fly, when you're live and front-facing, so you'll be able to rock any opportunity to share about your brand. Actions speak louder than words, so we'll explore your energy, body language, and tone, in addition to the words you're using. With over 25 years of editorial experience, I'm one of the best interviewers around for you to practice how to craft the perfect answers during interviews! (This is a superb training for folks who are introverted, reserved, or private by nature.)

Implementation & Editing

We'll work through a shared Trello board and you'll have Voxer access to me, so that we can implement and edit what you've learned.


One 60-Minute Launch Call on Zoom
Three 45-Minute Follow-Up Calls on Zoom
Two Hours of Editing Support via Voxer & Trello


Still not sure if this is right for you?