Cowboy boots and taking risks



I used to hate garage sales and second-hand stores. Now, I love them, because they're where I can find absolute one-of-a-kind gems that speak to my personal style. 

This past weekend, I found a pair of new Frye cowboy boots for $40. 

Size 8 1/2. 

Made for me. 


'Am I really going to wear these?' I asked myself, as Wilder played with a stuffed animal from another table beside me.

Here's the thing — I'm so TIRED of the ways that I've been.

I'm tired of my style. I want to be more free-flowing, more bohemian, more gypsy, but when I put these clothes on, I feel like I'm playing pretend, that I look more like a pirate than a whimsical woman.

And, this isn't just about my clothes!

It's about the entirety of who I am...

I'm tired of relying upon my intellect to succeed. I want to dive more into the touchy feely, the heart bits, the ways that a quiet and doubting voice in the back of my mind says, "You can't really make money at that."

I'm tired of allowing the imprints made upon me when I was a kid to still make such an impact on my life now, as an adult. It's time to tell the adults in my life back then, "You were wrong," and to give myself permission to stand in my own truths.

I'm fucking tired of feeling tired at all! And, struggling only because the whole reason I'm struggling at all is because I keep getting in my own way and making things harder for myself, since UP UNTIL NOW, I've been used to the hustle rather than the ease.

When I worked with Herbalife's corporate offices, I was not a big fan of their saying, "Fake it 'til you make it!" 

Now, I get that in certain elements of your life, you DO have to take action before you start feeling it as truth.

So, I'm making up my own saying: "Work it 'til you twerk it."

When I was living in South Carolina, my friend Rebecca (who came from a family of therapists) said to me, "If you don't want the same results you're getting, you've got to do the opposite of what you would normally do."

That's what I'm doing.

That's what you can expect from here on forth.

I want to spearhead a kick-ass revolution for millennial women to be authentically you, and it truly starts with me showing up.

Ruffling feathers.

Being more provocative.

Speaking my truth.

And, being the best guide that I can be, by growing and sharing along the way. 

If it's not for you, that's totally okay. I get it. I've gotten to the point where I accept that I don't have to please everyone. And, I send you love as you pursue your own path.

If it does speak to you, then HELL YEAH, SISTA.

I'm so stoked you're here.

Have a beautiful rest of your week,


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