Hacking The Miracle Morning a.k.a. The Cliffs' Notes Version

Miracle Morning

Ah, Blinkist would be proud, because here I am, giving you the Cheat Sheet to Hal Elrod's The Miracle Morning

If you haven't heard about this, it's "the not-so-obvious secret guaranteed to transform your life before 8am."

I'll caveat this with the fact that he's not talking about what parents can do... since, if you're like me, life absolutely changes after having a kiddo and it's not so easy to structure routine in your personal life with a toddler.

While many gurus tout "discipline" as the way to success (and don't get me wrong, I don't disagree with this), I do feel like we have so many reasons to shit on ourselves all the time that I don't want a journey towards self-improvement to become another reason to feel guilty or shameful.

Instead, I encourage you to approach these tips with compassion, to do the best that you can with these tips and to love on yourself with grace.

Now, here we go!

Take 60-min from the moment you wake up to do the following (you can rearrange the sequence to your preference, as well as the timing of each section):

  • Silence – 5 min
  • Affirmations – 5 min
  • Visualization – 5 min
  • Exercise – 20-min
  • Reading – 20-min
  • Writing – 5 min

TOTAL = 60 min

If you're looking for help on any of the above items, reach out to me! 

I'm happy to share my favorite affirmations or visualizations, as well as my go-to resource for yoga classes from home. In a future post, I'll share my favorite reading list for 2017.

  • To get you started, check out these meditations I recorded on YouTube.
  • Or, here's a Chakra Journal I created with awesome prompts and beautiful designs.

If you're short on time (and really, who isn't?), here are the essentials broken down in 6-minutes a day — while still getting all the benefits!

  • Minute 1 – Sit in silence. Calm your mind & relax your body to dive deeper into peace & purpose.
  • Minute 2 – Pull out your daily affirmations to remind you of your unlimited potentials & your greatest priorities. Read them aloud for greater confidence to take the actions necessary to live the life you want!
  • Minute 3 – Close your eyes to visualize (or look at a vision board). Visualize your day going perfectly and how much you're having fun doing what you're meant to do and all that you're accomplished. Feel into it.
  • Minute 4 – Write down a few of the things you're grateful for, what you're proud of, and what you're committed to creating that day.
  • Minute 5 – Grab your self-help book to read and discover a new tool you can implement into your day.
  • Minute 6 – Stand up and move your body in a way you love for 60-second. Get your heart rate up to approach the day.

My husband and I are committing to the Miracle Morning starting this month — want to join us?

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