{PERSONAL JOURNEY DAY 2: Releasing the Resistance}

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This story... I've had magic appear in my life like this, but not quite to this degree... or is that even true? 

I listened to this Abraham Hicks video this morning, and I usually see what's come up in my feed as a serendipitous sign of something to pay attention to.

Today, I really heard it. I heard my hard resistance. 

It made me realize how, as 2018 is coming, I want to live a different way... 

I work hard. Damn hard. But, I'm tired of the hustle. 

On my list of what to do today: 

  • Meditate wayyyyy more.

Also, I picked a tarot card... The Wild Unknown deck was calling to me. And, what did it say? Seems like, as always, it knew where I was, because today, my husband and I had a very real discussion about finances, and I thought to the Universe afterward, "Don't you want me to be happy? Aren't I supposed to be doing this?"

Then, as I was making lunch, there it was on the clock of the oven, the numbers 1:11 repeating, which, like Jess Lively believes (I recently found out), reminds me that I'm on my path...

Wild Unknown Tarot Deck

And, do my gratitude list: 

  1. I'm grateful for Kathryn and Danielle, the amazing mastermind I meet with every two weeks, even at 6am my time.
  2. I'm grateful that we have medical care, since my daughter has developed a rash all over and my husband is taking her to the doctor to get her checked out.
  3. I'm grateful for how present my husband is as a father and in our lives.
  4. I'm grateful for Jessica Lorimer's Dotties group on FB with a tribe of amazing women who help me out.
  5. I'm grateful for tea.
  6. I'm even more grateful for coffee.
  7. I'm grateful Jules' family members are coming into town for Thanksgiving.
  8. I'm grateful for my upcoming workshop and the amazing partnership I've had so far with Rebekah.
  9. I'm grateful for all the vendors who've believed in us and are sponsoring our event!
  10. I'm grateful to be in Austin, Texas.

What are you grateful for today?

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