{PERSONAL JOURNEY DAY 4} The Abundance of Thanksgiving.

Unsplash Thanksgiving

"Abundance can come in all forms," one of my former coaches told me. "It doesn't have to happen directly TO you — it can happen to the people around you, and from there, you also experience abundance."

Which is true... because two days ago, my husband made his first sale in the new work he's doing, where he's selling solar energy. 

This directly impacts the wellbeing of our family. And, even though the abundance didn't come to me specifically, it's still coming to me...


Yesterday, on Thanksgiving, I was abundantly filled with a gorgeous day to take my husband's aunt and uncle on a gorgeous tour of Austin... we hiked up the stairs at Mount Bonnell, went to see the peacocks at Mayfair Garden, explored the backside of Barton Springs, and had amazing conversation throughout.

This was amidst Wilder feeling horrible — she had developed a fever and was getting increasingly itchy from her reaction to penicillin, so my husband took care of her at home, while I got some time to be an adult with my in-laws.

We had a delicious meal, which ended up being mostly vegan, because my husband's aunt had recently changed her diet, and before we ate, went around the table to share our gratitude... that alone felt incredibly abundant, especially when we came to Wilder last.

"I'm grateful for everyone coming." 

It was the sweetest moment. Ever.

Judy Tsuei