Make Your Story Beautiful — And Get Seen


We sat around the living room floor of the expansive house in my neighborhood, scattered around on couches and cushions with glasses of wine in our hands, discussing Jenny Lawson's book, Furiously Happy.

"Well, I didn't love it," one of the women said.

"Really?" I responded, completely shocked. "I was totally laughing out loud at so many points!"

Other women in our neighborhood book club chimed in, the room divisive in people who absolutely adored Lawson's book and others who couldn't get through it.

"Y'know, having gone through postpartum depression recently," I added, "I think I've been especially fascinated by people who can describe such a completely individualized experience, especially given the fact that I'm a writer and I find myself grappling with being able to express how I've felt."

I continued to share why I loved the book, and why I felt it was a compelling read. 

Finally, she looked at me from across the room and said, "Y'know, YOU should've narrated the book." 

I laughed.

"I could have totally listened to the whole thing if it came across the way that you're expressing it to me now."

That's when I realized that when you're passionate about something, sales is completely organic.

It doesn't have to feel pushy. 

It doesn't have to feel inauthentic or scripted.

It can be an experience where you come ALIVE in sharing the things you love and your ideal client is attracted to your energy, your perspective, and how you can help them transform their reality by being in the presence of yours.


I've TRIED approaching sales the way numerous coaches have told me.

I've tried doing it the way I've read in bestselling books.

I've tested different methods until it came back to the simple truth that you have to show up as authentically you.

I think it's vital to know all the tips, tools, and resources, but at the end of the day, your intention and alignment create much more of a profound and beneficial impact on your business and your life than any of the "sales scripts" you might be told to practice online.

Here's to boosting sales the way you want to.

Judy Tsuei