How to Host Your Own Facebook Challenge

So, what the heck is an online Challenge & why should you host one?

Given how successful my last two challenges were in adding over 60 DEVOTED and ACTIVE fans into my mailing list, growing my FB group by 40 additional participants and the types of feedback I got, I thought I'd share a few tips on how you can become a leader in your tribe.

Remember, you don't need a bajillion fans — you need 1,000 raving fans who LOVE what you do and are devoted to YOU to have a thriving business.

If you're ready to convert ideal clients around the world by showing up precisely as you are, keep reading below!

Feel free to save & share this infographic with anyone you think might be interested!

How to Host a Facebook Challenge.png

What kind of challenge would you love to host for your tribe that establishes you as an expert?

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Judy Tsuei Testimonial
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