What's a #microinfluencer? And, there's #microcontent, too?

David Laws Unsplash

By now, you should know that I'm all about authenticity.

From storytelling to visibility techniques, I want you to FEEL GOOD and real, and that your ideal tribe connects with you from this place of genuineness.

You'll also know that I'm capping my Facebook group, Wild Hearted Words, at 1,000 members and reviewing them quarterly to ensure that those who are in the group are actively participating, sharing, or benefitting, because I believe in the philosophy of 1,000 raving fans versus 100,000 fans who could give a hoot about you.

I've always gone against the grain, aiming to live to my wild hearted nature, but here it seems that Instagram and other marketing techniques are catching up.

Check out this latest article from hubspot about microinfluencer marketing... 

Ultimately, the gist is that even though people have gone after celebrities and influencers with incredibly high numbers of fans, what's even more compelling is finding people who are showing up authentically in their lives and who have a very engaged tribe who trusts and believes them, knowing that it's not your typical "sponsored ad."

An influencer can have just 1,000 fans and still make as substantial of an impact in creating action around a topic, service, movement, or product as someone with a much larger following. 

Here's where I believe online marketing is going: 

One of my favorite books is Love Poems From God, and you might wonder what that has anything to do with online marketing, but here's why I'm mentioning it: 

I find it fascinating that mystics from the beginning of time have struggled with the same types of issues we're going through now.

Human nature is still the same. We still go through heartache and heartbreak, triumph and challenges, beauty and ugliness.

Thousands of years later, with all of the advances of modern man, we still go through the same crap? 


Which is why no matter how progressive our online marketing becomes, I believe that we'll still come back to the core ways of how we are... 

Which is to crave connection.

To need to be seen, heard, and accepted.

To love and to be loved in turn.

So, as fun as it is to have a huge following, it's even more rewarding on all sides to connect in meaningful ways, and that's why I go back to empowerment marketing and authentic relating.

How do you feel about microinfluencers? Do you still want a huge following... and why?

Let's dive into #microcontent and why that might be just what your ideal client wants or needs right now.

Think about how overwhelmed we are. That stat about how you need to see something seven times before you believe it? Well, apparently that number has multiplied exponentially to the point that you actually need to see it about 20x now (at least, that's what a fellow internet marketer and PR person told me today over coffee!)... but, I believe it.

We're so inundated by interruption & distraction marketing these days, it makes sense that we're just maxed out.

Right now, I invite you to think about how overwhelmed you feel in building a thriving life and in business...

When was the last time you took a deep breath? 

** Breathe in. Breathe out. **

While I tend to be verbose, I've also learned how vital it is to be more concise and pithy (a word I learned when studying for the S.A.T.'s). In fact, when I was working with the founder of TOPS Malibu, she kept encouraging me to be more terse, despite loving my long-form writing in the writing group we were both a part of on Kauai.

Turns out, she was onto something. 

When it comes to Instagram again, #microcontent is incredibly powerful. Tara Gentile just shared a podcast episode about what multiple entrepreneurs have found truly worked for their business (rather than what internet marketing gurus say works) and one of them completely advocates microcontent.

In a lot of what you'll Google these days, there's plenty to say that long-form content is actually incredibly beneficial when it comes to boosting SEO. Neil Patel advocates 3,000+ word posts!

While busting out tons of content is easy for me, I'm now giving microcontent a try in my own IG feed with 60-second visibility tip snippets... I invite you to follow me and share your thoughts!

So, what do you think about creating microcontent?