Be patient with yourself... and your dreams.

loic djim Unsplash

"Can you ask the flight attendant again about the food?" I asked Jules, sitting across from me in the aisle.

It had been about 20 minutes since I first asked her about milk and snacks for Wilder, since our usual pack-jammed-full bag of eats was detained as we were rushing through the security gates, and we forgot all about it in trying to get to our flight on time.

Wilder squirmed beside me.

"I'm sooo hungry, Mama," she said.

Jules got up, then went to the back.

He returned and said, "She said she's working on it."

Another ten minutes passed, and my frustration mounted, as I tried to do what I could to keep my toddler occupied.

Suddenly, I felt a flurry of food being poured into my lap. There was a lunch tray, three bags of chips, and an array of smaller noshes.

"Don't show the other passengers," she whispered to me.

I quickly unwrapped the meal, waiting to be charged for it, but it was obvious the flight attendant was simply giving it to us.

Later, when she came back around with trash bag in hand, she said to Jules:

"I'm sorry that it took so long. I had to go to first class and see what they had, because in the back, all we have is hummus, and I didn't think that she'd like that. Then, I had to make sure that the whole crew, including the pilots, were taken care of, before I could give any of the food away, so I'm sorry again, but that's why it took so long. We were waiting for everyone to be accounted for and to see what was left."

I overheard this and immediately realized, "Oh."

This was a God-lesson, one of those moments when the Universe is showing to you the value of patience and surrender.

We often don't know what else is going on...

We get so frustrated at what we CAN see that we don't know what's happening on the back-end, all that has to come into play for what we desire to show up precisely when ready.

Whether you're upset that someone else's path is moving as quickly or simultaneously as yours, or you're frustrated you're not seeing the results you want to in your life quite yet despite all your hard work, or you simply don't feel like you are where you want to be, trust that there's so much happening in the back-end for the greater good of all.

It's a lesson I'm learning right now.

In fact, when I pulled a card from the Wild Unknown Tarot deck yesterday, it was the Three of Swords, an image of three sharp objects intersecting, wrapped with red ribbon-like veins, one that immediately connotes a feeling of shadowy intensity versus overwhelming joy.

The message is not to make any decisions right now, because of the hardship, betrayal, lies. It's too volatile. Give things time. Let them settle. Then, move clearly from there.

Sometimes, we just need to be more patient. Sometimes, we need to act.

Your Soul knows the way.

Follow the path of the heart. Breathe. Be.

It's all happening for you.