My Favorite Resources!

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As an entrepreneur, it's nice when you can have a "cheat sheet" or an easy checklist for the resources you need!

Welp, here you go! These are my favorite resources that I use almost on the daily...

Client Management & Work Flow

  • HoneyBook

    • Every time a potential client receives an invoice, contract, or payment plan from me through HoneyBook, they remark how professional it looks and how easy it is to use! I love all the different features within HoneyBook, including opportunities to create different brochures for your services and even P&L statements.
    • Here's a special coupon code for you (exclusively from me) to save $200 on your annual subscription. Best of all, it's community is headed up by Natalie Franke, who also founded Rising Tide Society that believes in #communityovercompetition, and if you'd like to learn more, check out the interview I did with her in my FB Group!
  • Trello

    • Used by everyone from solopreneurs to major corporations, Trello is incredibly easy to use and collaborate with a team. You can put due dates, assign different tasks or create checklists, as well as upload documents and sync with your Google Drive. After recommending Trello, my clients have LOVED using it for everything from work to their personal lives.
  • LastPass

    • At some point, you're going to get big enough that you'll need collaborators, whether they're assistants or people managing your social media accounts. When that happens, LastPass is a great way to give people access to your accounts without having to share your login credentials — you can always revoke access at any time, too! 

Social Media Management

Uf, what a bear, right? Thankfully, there are tools that you can use to help you manage posting. I personally focus on my Facebook and Instagram accounts, so to that end, check out: 

  • Planoly

    • Recommended by many IG supah-stahs, like Hilary Rushford and Sam Bearfoot, I love Planoly because it's super easy to use, can sync with your Dropbox if you have images from photoshoots you want to use, and even allows you to search through Pixabay on their account. It's easy to repost images (hint: you'll want to do this to get your accounts in front of influencers) and includes analytics! Plus, founder Brandy Pham is inspiring and I interviewed her in my FB group, too — at my house!
  • Collaborave

    • I'm going to share with you my very best secret weapon when it comes to social media management, content creation, and simply stayin' on top of things — Jasmin, founder of Collaborave, is my assistant and I couldn't do what I do without her! If you're looking for someone absolutely epic, then this is who you're going to want to connect it, to help cheer you on and get sh@#$! done to move your business forward!

Productivity Tools

  • Loom

    • I LOVE LOVE LOVE Loom. (Have I said how much I love them?) They're SO easy to use, especially if you have to record videos to share your clients anything on the back-end or from your screen. I can't even believe how easily it integrates with your Gmail from the Chrome extension and is better than Screencast-O-Matic, which is what i was using before. Seriously, I LOVE this so much.
  • Calendly

    • This is how I schedule appointments with existing and potential clients, because Calendly easily syncs up with my Google calendar, so I don't have to do anything except to provide a link, once I've created specific events I allow clients to book! You can even ask a few brief questions, so you'll know what people are connecting with you about.
  • Typeform

    • This is my favorite way to create surveys after events or assessments before any coaching calls. It's a great resource to conduct market research and truly, you'll want to do as much market research as possible throughout the life of your business, to ensure that you're working smarter, rather than harder. A lot of my actual copy comes from what my clients share with me, which enables them to see that I truly understand where they're coming from!
  • MileIQ

    • How many times has your accountant asked you about your mileage as a consultant? I never had the right answer, but with this easy app, I can categorize all my travel and then just print out a report. SO easy.

I have a few more resources I've been using and testing out, and I'll keep updating this post as I go, so you'll want to bookmark this page, if you'd like to have a checklist of resources I love that are helping to move my business forward (and, even a few great deals for you!).


What do you use to streamline your business?