{PERSONAL JOURNEY DAY 12, 13, 14} Even the crappy ass doubt is a good thing.

Scott Webb Unsplash

This, right here, was precisely what I needed to hear today from Abraham Hicks, in terms of allowing and even LOVING all the contrast and the crap that's not necessarily "working out", at least from a surface level...

Sometimes, my worry gets to a point where I have a hard time breathing, but then I realize that I'm working myself up and life, so far, has always worked out, even in the most difficult of times.

So, I breathe through it, aim to be as present as possible for the miracle that is my daughter, and then move on...

That's when I found today's meditation and you can bet I'll be listening to it again before I go to bed tonight.

Best of all? 

I sent out this newsletter this morning and it's all about how in 2018, I'm motherfucking doubling my prices.

I'm tired of playing small, being afraid, having anything that holds me back from living in my fullest expression of self and Divine Light. 

There's an energy that's happening, a vibe of women RISING UP around the world. It's palpable here in Austin and when I talk about it with specific people, we intuitively and immediately get it...

That's the trip I want to be on, the one where we're here to help heal the world, ourselves, our planet, and shift everything into the next evolution of consciousness.

Are you with me? 

TO START, MAYBE YOU NEED A FEW MINUTES EVERY DAY TO BREATHE. As one of my favorite teachers shared with me, you can't "find time to meditate" — you've got to "make time."

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