Ready to join a virtual summit as a speaker?

Virtual Summits Judy Tsuei

One of the best ways to gain exposure is to join a virtual summit, where you'll have an opportunity to collaborate with a fellow influencer's audience!

To that end, I've been invited to participate in two recently (and I have a call to potentially join a third today!) so I wanted to tell you a little more about those two events and THEN share with you some pointers on how to get on a couple of your own!

Carli Tonner Create Your Badass Life


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The Entrepreneurette Series


While The Entrepreneurette Series virtual summit already hosted it's live event November 27th - December 1st, you're still able to gain access to over $2,000 worth of content & expert interviews with an array of experts to set your online business up for success in 2018!

I'm honored to be among the incredible lineup of international speakers we have spanning four continents and ten countries.

Together we're offering a powerful range of interviews, tutorials, and live interactive workshops to help you overcome the common obstacles we're all facing this time of year. 

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Here's how I found my guest speaker opportunities these last couple of months: 

  1. One of the women remembered me from market research I did with her over a year earlier, when I was launching a previous iteration of the business I'm running now! I had posted in a FB group with a coach I was working with and she was one of the people who said she'd like to participate.
  2. I'm in several FB groups and someone asked about seeking speakers. I left a comment that I was interested and even though my mailing list didn't quite make the qualifications, she and I hit it off to much, that we made it happen.
  3. I've been updating my blog content regularly and posting actively in social media, so someone sent me a request via the contact form on my blog.

My tip for you? 

  • Be active in Facebook groups and whatever social media is relevant to your target audience. Post consistently, add value, and you'll get noticed — even if it takes some time!

Once you make the connect, there's more to be done. You have to make sure you're well-versed in being interviewed, that you're dynamic on camera and/or audio, and that you truly share content that's not simply Google-able.

Want tips on how to show up as an engaging virtual summit speaker? 

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