You could hire a copywriter, but it's not the same as what I do.


I used to be a copywriter. In fact, a very good one. I've done it since I was interning as a sophomore in college, so it's been about 20-something years.

But, there's a difference between what a copywriter does and what I do. Because there's more to compelling writing than simply pretty prose. 

In order to differentiate yourself in an online space, you've GOT to know how to connect with your ideal clients. And, what ultimately fosters connection in the digital and real worlds? 


Your story has to connect on a profound level, where your ideal client reads your narrative and says, "Ohmigoodness, is she living my life? How does she know me so well??"

When I started writing for MindBodyGreen, I'd get emails from readers all around the world who said, "Thank you for giving me the words to express what I didn't know how to say."

To be so powerfully impacted by a stranger's words to the point that you want to reach out to them to express gratitude? That's a big effin' deal, especially when you consider how passive and distant today's society can be.

So yes, you can hire a professional copywriter to make your website and marketing sound pretty, but is going to connect in such a way that people actively want to reach out to you? 

Is there smart strategy behind the story, too? I want to make sure you're not simply communicating for vanity's sake, or because you know you have to, but because what you're saying is purposeful and unbelievably heartfelt that you'll form meaningful relationships with the people you serve... for life.

The next time you're contemplating hiring a writer, ask them:

  • Can you help capture my essence?
  • Can you intuitively feel into what I want to express, even if I may not have the clarity to share what it is I want quite yet? 
  • Can you truly understand my ideal client's pain points and challenges? 
  • Do you know what my tribe desperately wants in their greatest hopes?
  • How much "marketing speak" will you infuse versus words I would actually use?

Let me know what your experiences with writers have been! I'd love to know what you've loved and what you wished was different!