Make Your Story Beautiful: BIG NEWS



Aloha !

I knew that things were going south.

Even though I had been a stellar student in math for 12 years, by the time I got to "logic" in 7th grade, I was screwed.

Mr. Kravitz called on me, his hand resting on the projector. 

Every day, I'd watch him write in a dry-erase marker on the magnified lens, and every day, I would struggle with not knowing anything he was talking about... not the x factors, not the symbols he would use, and I still can't help but cringe every time I hear the word "tautology."

He waited for me to answer his math question, hand poised to write my response.

I dwindled in size, my shoulders collapsing, the silence of 29 pairs of ears waiting for me to answer amplifying in volume.

Finally, he called on someone else. 

And, when report cards came that semester, I got a C with a star, which was his way of saying that I had failed, but he felt that anyone who at least gave his logic class a try, didn't deserve anything less than a "C."

That's when I realized that math was no longer my thing. English was.

Much like that day in math, I'm doing another pivot!

It's become abundantly clear that in order for clients to feel they're getting real results, you've got to get super specific in what you're offering.

In my own business-building journey, I've wanted to offer MORE, because I felt like I had to prove my importance in some way.

That's no longer the case. I know I'm exemplary at what I do, and to that end, I want to say...

From here on out, I'm focused on two specific services: 

  1. Getting you published!
  2. Getting you booked on podcast interviews!

If you really want to rock it, you can check out my signature, Six Figure Storytelling Program that combines both my offerings in a strategic way. 

Remember, you're the #BossBabe, so you can do what you want with your business. Take all the smartest of advice into consideration, do a gut check, and follow your own Light. You always know the way.

Alrightie, here's to exciting pivots in your business, too! 


P.S. If you're serious about getting on podcast interviews, I'm featuring an incredible opportunity in my Facebook group right now.

Judy Tsuei