Make Your Story Beautiful- Writing


Aloha, !

"Well, of course you'd be nervous," my Mindset Mentor said to me over the phone. 

"You've already pushed your boundaries beyond what was acceptable in all of your past, and now, you're looking to go even further!"

I sighed. 

In one single sentence, she precisely captured the struggle I'd been going through...

What I'd been journaling about, emailing my Higher Power about (yes, I created an email addy for my connection to spirituality, because it's one of the ways I stay connected), and meditating on.

And, I'm still not there yet.

But, I don't think that a lot of us give ourselves the compassion to take time to learn. 

Especially not if you're a recovering Type A perfectionist personality. (Ahem, me.)

We want to see epic results QUICKLY and, when social media makes it look so easy with people hosting big launches like "no big whoop", then we think there's something wrong with us if we're not doing the same.

Alrightie, here's the thing: building a business/brand/empire isn't a sprint, it's a marathon.

Or, here's a better analogy I prefer: 

Building a successful, lasting, and sustainable business isn't a buffet feast, where you walk away feeling kind of sick and not even really able to enjoy the savory bits or sweetness on your tongue, because you're overloaded.

Building the kind of business you can feel proud about, one that makes a positive impact and reflects your core values, is part of the slow food movement, like they live in Italy, where you're expected to enjoy the first course, the second, the main, the dessert, the apertif, the espresso... and you're expected to make connections along the way that matter.

Memories worth sharing, because you were present in the forming of them. 

Lastly, I've always been one of those people who hates reading instruction manuals. 

I'd rather dive right in and figure it out on my own, rather than spend the five minutes actually glancing over the guide, so that I won't be frustrated or struggling later on. 

When we first moved into our home, we got a few pieces of furniture from IKEA (this was a luxury, because we had been living on island for four years, so stores like Target and IKEA weren't around, and it was fun to make a house a home).

But, when we got back and I opened the box, I'd see the many pieces, then turn to Jules and give him the instruction booklet and say, "Here. Could you help?"

I'm learning now to temper my impatience and to enjoy the connections I'm forming along the way with one client after another.

I'm making mistakes, investing in some great areas of business, then realizing that hey, maybe that last place I spent money wasn't the most profitable.

We don't show the underbelly of entrepreneurialism, as though there's guilt or shame if we make mistakes. 

But y'know what? 

After battling with postpartum depression, then opening up about it and seeing HOW MANY OTHER WOMEN also go through it, but did not let others know when they were, then this whole guilt and shame bit is bullshit.

It only makes all of us feel crappy that we're not living up to some ridiculous standard. And, if I've learned anything from the beautiful community created online by Jess Lorimer (follow her on Facebook if you haven't yet), then I've learned that only by standing up for what you believe will you truly find your tribe.

If you're building a business or going after your dreams, you're doing something so BRAVE and BOLD. You deserve to be celebrated for all the vulnerable, authentic, purposeful, and unyielding ways you are showing up.

I celebrate you, !

Here's to being wild and free,


Judy Tsuei