Are you done trying to do #AllTheThings?

Judy Tsuei

When things happen in three's in my life, I pay attention...

Especially when two things happen in a single day.

My husband, who's new gig is to sell solar energy in Austin, mentioned how Arizona and Nevada aren't prime for solar, because Warren Buffet came in and bought it all up, so no other companies can come in and provide it...

Then, in the book, Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, I came across a paragraph that said: 

Warren Buffett has famously said, "Our investment philosophy borders on lethargy." What he means is that he and his firm make relatively few investments and keep them for a long time...


Warren decided early in his career it would be impossible for him to make hundreds of right investment decisions, so he decided that he would invest only in the businesses that he was absolutely sure of, and then bet heavily on them. He owes 90% of his wealth to just ten investments. Sometimes what you don't do is just as important as what you do."


In short, he makes big bets on the essential few investments opportunities and says no to the many merely good ones.

Why am I writing about Warren Buffet? First, because I'm revamping my wealth mindset and second, because I believe in what Essentialism touts: 

"A Non-essentialist thinks almost everything is essential. An Essentialist thinks almost everything is nonessential."

I'm just gonna give it to you straight: YOU CAN'T DO #ALLTHETHINGS.

Warren Buffet doesn't... and, I figure he knows a thing or two about generating wealth and desirable results in his business.

Seriously... do you even WANT to be doing #allthethings?

How is making you FEEL? 

I'm going to guess a little overwhelmed, because I'm a smart cookie and I couldn't friggin' keep up with everything that I was learning in the online marketing world.


So... can we be DONE with this already? With being mediocre at everything instead of stellar at one thing? Because a Nonessentialist asks, "How can I do it all?" while an Essentialist asks, "What can I go big on?"

What can YOU go big on? 

Instead of maintaining Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, having the best newsletters and the most awesome sales funnels, while also being supermom, picture-perfect partner, and Entrepreneur of the Year... when was the last time you really asked yourself, "What really matters? What can I let go of? What can I go big on?"

If you're like me, you're DONE with being exhausted and feeling like you're never able to keep up. I'm a motherfu@#$&n champ when it comes to achieving and frankly, I'm done with judging my insides based on the uncontrollable factors outside of me. 

I no longer want to take it personally if someone signs up or doesn't, if there's an extra zero in my bank account or isn't, and if someone unsubscribes from my newsletter (because I'll be honest, I put a lot of heart into what I share).

I believe we are all here, because we have an epic gift to share with the world and whether that's making others laugh so heartily their bellies hurt or hugging them in the best bear hugs they've ever had or taking care of your little ones like they've never been loved before, whatever it is, I feel like it's time to GO BIG...

And, give ourselves permission to LET. THE. REST. GO.

Because in the end, it doesn't matter anyway. It doesn't matter if we got that extra email out!

It's our joy and contentment that matters most. 

We're meant to experience #allthegoodthings, not #allthethings.

#AlltheGoodThings brings out your Light, reveals the spirit of the Divine, and allows for more freedom and love. Which is what our hearts have been asking for all along.

Less "Fakebook" and more feeling good.

Here's to you,

P.S. I highly suggest reading Essentialism. I mean, not to add one more thing to your to-list, of course! ;) And, if you're looking for more self-care regimens, check out Jerico's podcast, Self-Service! (She's the editorial director of Girl Boss.)

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