How did I meet my soul mate?

Judy Tsuei & Jules Fox

When I decided to move to Kauai as a single woman, my friends asked how I planned to meet someone on such a small island.

My answer was always the same: "I've lived in big cities all my life and never met anyone there. Plus, I'm sure if there's someone I'm meant to meet, we'll find each other."

Little did I know that five months after moving to the place I'd dreamed about living for a decade and a half, I would indeed find him, my Great Love, my soul mate. Somehow, I ended up in one of the most remote, scarcely inhabited places in the world and found the man who is now my husband and the father of our child (who was born just a few weeks ago!).

After meeting him, I realized how much work work it took to allow myself to open to the opportunity of finding my soul mate. Had I met him even just six months prior, I would've been a different person. I might've looked the other way or shut down our conversation when he started it one day after we played softball on a local farm together.

Taking the risk to move to such a remote place brought me to the edge of what I knew about myself. I found myself exploring parts of my soul that were still untamed. It was then that I found the complement to my soul, tamed and untamed parts alike.

From the day we met, both of us knew. Three weeks into the relationship, we discussed starting a family. Four weeks in, I was pregnant. Four months later, we were engaged. And two months after that, we were married. People say that when it comes to soul mates, you know when you know. Now that I've found my soul mate, I realized it's like understanding a common language, unique only to you and one other person.

Here are five realizations I had after finding my Great Love that confirmed to me that this was really "it."...

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