Oh, this hurts so good.

Marie Forleo

If you've been around the entrepreneurial block, then you likely have heard that it's so important to "niche down" when it comes to clarifying who your target audience is.

Unfortunately, that's the sore spot that pretty much every one of my clients struggles with — even me.

Except, I realized that in order to truly grow up in a lot of ways, it was time for me to face the hard stuff head on and change the paradigm...

I do too much.

I WANT to do too much.

I am craving simplicity and essentialism.

Do you relate?

Marie Forleo popularized this idea of the "multipassionate entrepreneur," and that you can indeed incorporate all of your loves into one spectacular career.

I don't disagree that you can combine all that you love, except no one ever shows the step-by-step nitty gritty of how to get there, which usually involves PICKING ONE THING, doing it super well, then adding on from there.

Otherwise, as science has shown, the only thing multitasking will do is distract you from your greatest application of skills, because there actually isn't any way that our brains have the capacity to handle the overwhelm of information and #allthethings in one fell swoop.

To that end, over the past few weeks, I have struggled HARD to niche down.

Then niche down again...


It hasn't been easy. I totally fell into a funk and thankfully, with all of my spiritual practices, pulled myself out in a couple of days versus a couple of weeks.

But I can tell you now, having gotten through and being on the other side, it is SO FRICKIN' FREEING to say: 

"Oh. Hi. I do this one thing. Really well. And, these are the two ways you can work with me."

Instead of: 

"Oh. Hi. I do all these things, and what do you need? Sure! Lemme help. Oh wait, you're not quite my ideal client after all, and now I've committed to an entire month of doing things I know I can do, but don't really want to do, because I truly want to help you, but sigh, this is so not how I light up."

In the end, y'know what matters? 

Your vibe.

Your vibe attracts your tribe.

Your vibe dictates the joy with which you live your life.

Your vibe is what'll determine what you're bringing more of into your life, and the best way you can serve the world profoundly is to find your joy...

To live your joy.

And, to be sittin' in a place of pretty peace.

Because we're all programmed to love different things. 

I once heard this NPR interview with Kevin Smith who created Jay & Silent Bob, and he said, "Hey, not everyone wants to achieve bigger things. Some people are really content to live small lives. I know a lot of those people, and those are the people I portray in my movies. They're content with working simple jobs, going home, and doing it again."

It was so eye-opening to me to realize that we truly are all built so differently and if we could all live our genuine purpose, the world would be a better place.

I endeavor to be truly joyful in 2018, based on not on outcomes of my efforts, but on the ways I'm showing up in the world... what about you?