What makes me qualified to help?

Judy Tsuei

Are you going through any of these experiences?

You've been struggling with an eating disorder. You're over it and you've done all the therapy. You've gotten to a point where you've been surviving, but now you want to get to a point where you're thriving and never have to think about what you're eating again...

You have no idea how to meet the partner of your dreams or you're TOTALLY struggling in your current partnership/marriage. You're about to lose your sh@#$ and you're hoping to transform everything to find your version of happily ever after.

You want to show up as authentically you in every way. Yet, when you grew up, you were inundated by expectations of who you were supposed to be and what you were supposed to do. The folks closest to you didn't accept you as you were, and were even maybe a bit abusive. Now, you want to write your own heroine's journey in a way that manifests into a life boldly your own and no one else's. But, you're feeling stuck and seeking both clarity & support.

You've had this business idea sittin' on the back-burner forever. You're not sure how to move forward and create your side-hustle or make your side-hustle your full-time flow. You need a strategic game plan AND the confidence to believe you can do it.

You've wanted to launch your writing career FOREVER, but something's been holding you back. You're not sure how to get published, and you want to make freelance writing a side hustle or even a full-time hustle, but you don't know how to craft the perfect pitch letters, create authentic content, connect with editors, and even what to charge.

You suffer from anxiety and constant worry. You've battled bouts of depression and you know you're "better than this" but you can't get through to the other side and you're searching for the light. You want to know someone GETS YOU and help you GET THROUGH this all.

And, here's how I'm qualified to help:

  • I healed heartily from suicidal postpartum depression to THRIVE and completely turned around my marriage from the edge of divorce.
  • I beat a 15-year battle with bulimia, anorexia, compulsive overeating (and even anxiety and OCD behaviors thrown in there) to learn to LOVE my body — psst... when I stopped stressing about it, I ended up having the body I've always wanted!
  • I built a six-figure business working for Fortune 500 global brands, launching some of their first-ever marketing initiatives & products, have been featured all over the media (just Google me!), and even had Arianna Huffington respond to my pitch to get published personally.
  • I serendipitously became a travel writer and had the opportunity to go to Brazil with the youngest person ever to summit Mount Everest, went to Mexican resorts, hopped to different Hawaiian islands, and bounced around choice locations throughout the U.S., like Aspen and more.
  • I've published a few books on Amazon & worked abroad as an Arts & Entertainment editor at the leading English-language magazine in Shanghai, China.
  • My husband, friend, and I ran a super successful Kickstarter campaign, raising over $10,000 to self-publish our conscious children's book, Sprouts Stories: Corrine Wants to Grow Up. 
  • I moved to my dream of all dreams – Kauai, Hawaii – and through my own forgiveness and manifesting practices, met my husband in the most remote inhabited place in the world.
  • I'm a certified e-RYT yoga teacher and Reiki Master, and former editor of a spiritual events company, which is why my cell phone contacts include Seane Corn, Kathryn Budig, Tara Brach, Robert Sturman, and more. You can YouTube my teaching videos, which currently have upwards of 50K views.
  • My lil' ohana bought a 1984 Toyota Warrior Winnebago camper van and traveled around the country for six months.
  • I have four tiny tattoos (one of which I spontaneously got at lunch) and just got another big one on my shoulder.

Tell me, what are YOU going through right now?