You've got this — and I do, too.

Judy Tsuei

Hi friends,

In light of learning about recent writings about me, if you’d ever like to reach out to me for an open, honest, and healthy conversation about anything, I’m absolutely available.

I’ve always been a writer...

And now, more than ever, I see how strong our stories can be — and how powerful words are in what we choose to tell ourselves, others, and our children.

Ultimately, we all have a choice on the stories we write and share.

As a writer, one of the questions I often get asked is:

"How do you write so vulnerably? How do you know what's okay to share, especially it involves other people?"

I've been blogging publicly now since I was 24, and a professional writer for over two decades.

Over the years, I've realized that the best thing I can do when writing, especially personal narratives, is to write it from MY point of view.

To talk about my feelings.

To talk about how things unfolded for me, and my interpretation of them.

To not make anyone else wrong, because no one's ever all wrong or all right — that's not human nature and it actually doesn't make for a good story.

You want all the variances, all the colors of the spectrums. You want the conflicts, resolutions, and reconnection. That's where real richness of life and truth lie.

Ultimately, you own your own story. 
Just like others own theirs.

When it comes to others' stories, you play a character or a role:

Sometimes it's a big one, sometimes it's a supporting one, sometimes just passing through a scene. You are and always will be whatever they believe you are. It's what's true for them and that's perfectly okay.

In your own skin, you are what's true for you.

Stand in your own Light. Express as your Intuition and heart feels are in integrity. From that place, you can learn and grow. You'll attract the people meant to hear your message, because they will resonate at the frequency with which you share it.

When you write from your soul space, your stories can change and heal the world.

I am practicing gratitude every moment for the unfolding of life, however that might look...

Sometimes, it's not easy to uncover the gifts. 
Sometimes, you just have to breathe and let time pass before clarity comes through.

Here in Taiwan, there's a typhoon brewing at the moment, and it's super rainy and wet. But right before the typhoon and immediately afterward, the sky is beyond clear and the views become breathtaking.

Just like life.

You will have your beautiful moments, your stormy ones, and then naturally, everything will clears and you can appreciate the moment for what it is, before more life unfolds and changes.

As I often say, life may not always be pretty, but it is indeed beautiful...

Go out there and shine. 
Even when you're afraid. 
Even when you're hurt. 
Even when you don't know what to do.
Even when you're doubting if anyone else cares, because in end, it's for you.

Keep showing up. 
Keep shining. 
Keep being authentically you and allowing for your greatness to come through.

Trust that you'll meet all the best characters along the way to make your story beautiful.

And, more than anything, trust YOU.

You've got this — and I do, too.

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Judy Tsuei