"Wanted: A Holy Relationship"

Judy Tsuei

This week, I'm turning the words in this issue of #FreshFridays over to a chapter I read in Lisa Natoli's book, Gorgeous for God. 

(Yes, use whatever word suits you for the Divine!)

If you haven't seen my latest #MondayMasterclass newsletter, search for it in your inbox. It'll give you a sense of what's been unfolding in my upcoming divorce from my husband...

My heart space has been focused on figuring out best next steps for my daughter and myself, which is why I'm grateful to turn over this issue of the #FreshFridays to a writer who's encapsulating this phase of my journey.

Her words may also help you find your own way, too.

It's times like these when I double down on my faith and connect with earthly angels who provide support, reflection, and a reminder that everything is working out FOR you, rather than against you.

I'm deeply grateful for my high vibe tribe who don't only affirm my feelings — they challenge me to take full responsibility, to continue to hold the Light, and to keep rising above. In the story of my life, I know I'll look back upon this time and say, "Wow, that was the best thing that could have ever happened for us, because it led to this..." 

Though I don't know how the resolution or next chapter will unfold, I believe it will be beautiful. 

For us all. 

Because I choose for it to be so.

Now, onto Lisa Natoli's words...



"Wanted: A Holy Relationship" an excerpt Lisa Natoli's book.

You can't control energy. 

In a world in which everything is energy vibrating, it is impossible to keep things static. 

It's impossible. 

I used to hear about people getting divorced and I'd think, "Oh well, if only they knew how to communicate with each other they could have worked it out." 

But that's impossible in a world of energy with everything vibrating on different frequencies. 

The only way energy could be harmonized is if one energy was either speeded up or slowed down... I think you can TRY to do this for awhile, but then suddenly the energy simply wants to move at the pace it is moving.

There is no getting around this.

So everyone is constantly wondering why marriages fail. 

They go into therapy to talk about it. But does this make any sense? Really?

Either energy is harmonized or it is not. 

Either you are moving at the same speed or you are not. Energy is constantly being transformed from one thing to another.

It's momentarily devastating and sad – you think you lose the things you love – but then there is the reminder from A Course in Miracles Lesson 249: "Forgiveness ends all suffering and loss."...

Change your mind. Forgive. Choose to see things differently. 

No matter what happens to you, no matter how devastating — you lose a job, you lose a marriage, you lose a limb, you lose someone you love — remember that loss is impossible.

You cannot lose anything or anyone, ever, because nothing is outside of your mind. Those you love are with you forever. No one goes anywhere because there is only you, and death is impossible.

The world of time is an illusion.

Just focus on yourself and have a relationship with God [Source/Universe/Divine/Nature].

You're fabulous. You're gorgeous. Start living! Stop waiting around for other people. 

Please don't try to make someone love you or like you or appreciate you. This is a waste of time. 

Don't try to turn hatred/dislike/disinterest into holiness. 

Just look at your own thought patterns and ask yourself where you need healing, where you need forgiveness, and where you need to start giving a little more of yourself. 

Often times you cannot see that the very behavior you despise in others, is exactly how you treat people.

You realize all these shadow figures you see are YOU. You would stop chasing outside of yourself for love and peace and happiness.


Find your gift in the grit.

Magic happens in the vibe of gratitude. Yet, when shit is seemingly hitting the fan, it's hardest then to find gratitude for what you feel like is life unfolding in ways that you didn't at all want.

What if this is precisely how everything is working out for everyone?

Though you don't yet know what the eventual outcome will be, what if what's happening now is positioning you for greatness? 

For me, I'm choosing to believe that the way my divorce is unfolding is a masterclass in my life.

Since I was young, one of my greatest fears has been that I am unlovable.

That I'd be a victim.

That I would show ALL of myself to someone and that the ways my relatives berated me when I was young would actually be true...

"Oh, you're totally unlovable. You're broken. You're ugly. You're selfish. You're too much. You're not enough. You're not what I what I want. Who even cares about you? You're putting on an illusion to the world of this high vibe goodness and the real truth of it is that you're bullshit and you suck."

The Universe loves me so much, It wants me to heal this fear in a big way. 

It's doing so by creating my fear into reality and inviting me into a quantum leap of healing, this fast track towards enlightenment.

Now, I get to find Truth.

I get to step into my power like never before, especially as a model for my daughter.

And, I finally get to free myself from these old stories so they never hold me back again.

That is a BEAUTIFUL gift.

Though the experience isn't pretty and does indeed hurt like a motherfucker at times, for this re-write of my mindset, my belief system, and my life, I am boundlessly grateful.

What can you be grateful for in the grit you're going through?



One last tip on re-framing the things that might be happening in your life:

"You were never meant for a boring life," a friend who's one of my longest friendships said to me. "C'mon, we all knew that. You knew that. This is part of it."

"Of course you're going to fail at more things," my very grounded friend also imparted. "It's because you try for more. I will fail at less because I go for less things. But that's not you. You put yourself out there more, and because of that, you will have more chances to fail. It's simple probability."

If you truly want to live wildly free, you will have a life that looks like no one else's. You will fail more because you will try more. 

And, you will likely be the most interesting person in the room. :)

Go big.

Go all heart.

Go all forgiveness.

Go you.


P.S. If you want support through your own grit, hit me up just by contacting me. I'm here for you.

Judy Tsuei