The toilet overflowed. Oh, and I gave my power away.

Judy Tsuei

This morning, the toilet clogged up. 

As I got up to wash my hands, I turned and looked in horror that the water was about to come spilling out over the edges of the porcelain...

I waited for awhile to let the water sink down again before using the plunger. It was then that I realized: 

"Wait a minute. I knew the toilet was about to get clogged. I could see the toilet paper getting stuck the last couple of times I used it. So... why didn't I use less this time around? Why did I just keep doing what I was normally doing and not noticing the signs?"

This is precisely what I had been doing in my marriage.

I kept giving my power away, even though I could see signs that this likely wasn't going to bode well.

I saw signs that something was going awry, since our daughter was six months old and we were still living on Kauai...

Toilet paper was getting stuck in the things that were said. 

Toilet paper was lingering in the actions that were done. 

Toilet paper wouldn't go down, because we couldn't truly forgive or forget.

And still, I kept going on in the same way.

I wanted to believe that I could create a different outcome from sheer force of perseverance alone, because I was attached to what it meant for us to stay together as a family unit for our daughter.

In order to do "make that happen," I had to keep yielding. 

I had to keep pretending I didn't know what my Soul absolutely knew.

I kept saying in obvious and indiscriminate ways, "Here. I'll compromise this bottom line of mine to stay together. I'll give over my own personal power and respect to make this work out."

It's never about the other person or external circumstances. We all make mistakes. If we can recognize the darkness or shadows in them, it's because somewhere within us, it exists within us too, otherwise we couldn't see it all to begin with.

Ultimately, it's not about blame. 

It's about me. 

And maybe that's the part I'm having the hardest time with right now... the part about how willing I was to give all of myself away — to the point that four years later, I am now at a point where I'm starting from scratch.

Did it all have to get here? 

Well, if I believe in Abraham Hicks and the Law of Attraction, then my Higher Being knew exactly what I need to finally pay attention...

I've been listening to Dr. Joe Dispenza in his book, Becoming Supernatural, where he says that when people come up to him to say, "I've lost everything," he'll respond with, "GOOD. Now the real change can begin and the real you can come through."

To be truly empowered in any circumstance in life and business always means reflecting the spotlight back onto you...

To your monologue.

To the stories you've been telling.

To the actions you allowed, created, enabled.

And, when you can stop blaming someone else, that's when the magic begins.

That's also when, if you pay attention to the clogs along the way, you won't have to stand there with a plunger in the morning dirtying yourself up with what you could've easily prevented.

Read more about what Joe Dispenza has to say about where your true power lies after you give up everything you know...

Becoming Supernatural:
How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon

The hardest part of every war is the last battle.

When your body, as the mind, is raging, causing you to think that you cannot go any further, wanting you to stop and return to the world of the senses, you keep persevering.

You truly step into the unknown. And sooner or later, you will begin to break the emotional addiction within you. 

When you get beyond your guilt, your suffering, your fear, your frustration, your resentment, or your unworthiness, you are freeing your body from the chains of those habits and emotions that keep you anchored in the past.

And, as a result, you are liberating energy that is now coming back to you.

As the body releases all of this stored emotional energy, it is no longer becoming the mind.

You discover that right on the other side of your fear is courage.

Right on the other side of your lack is wholeness.

And just beyond your doubt is knowing.

When you step into the unknown and surrender your anger or hatred, you discover love and compassion.

It’s the same energy, it has just been stored in the body and now it’s available for you to use to design a new destiny.

So when you learn to overcome yourself, or the memory of yourself in your life, you break the bonds you have with every thing, with every person, every place, and every time that’s keeping you connected to your past present reality.

And when you finally overcome your anger or your frustration and you liberate energy that was trapped in the past, you call that energy back to you. 

As you liberate all of that creative energy that’s been tied up in those survival emotions, within you and all around you, you are building your own personal energy field around your body...


And this? This is when you can access the infinite and amazing realities in your quantum field — not the one your mind has trained you to believe.

My schedule has been a bit different here, given that we're in the Philippines and regularly experiencing brown-outs, so our electricity and wi-fi goes down. 

It's as though the Universe is telling me to be still. To relax. To go within. So, no #MondayMasterclass emails or #FreshFridays on the regular (I'll do my best!), but still a lot of thinking, releasing, and surrendering.

And soon, paradise on the beach in El Nido.

What's your "last battle" experience been like?

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