How my wallet got stolen... and serendipitously returned.

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My car was broken into.

I was living in North County San Diego and my Audi was parked in the driveway of the home I was sharing with three other women.

I realized something was off, when I opened my door handle and it seemed as though it hadn't been shut all the way.

'That's strange,' I thought to myself.

Then, I got into the car. Everything seemed like normal, until I reached into the side door for my sunglasses.

They were gone.

'Weird,' I thought again, knowing how meticulous I am with the whereabouts of all my things.

And that's when I realized that my spare wallet with cash for parking and whatnot was also gone.

As were a pair of headphones.

And my glove compartment was fairly empty.

'Crap,' I thought, as I got out of the car. 'I've been broken into.'

I went back into the house, told my housemates what happened, and they suggested I report it. When I did, we were notified that there'd been a string of break-ins recently, similar to mine, in our neighborhood.

There wasn't much cash or anything of that sort, so I wasn't upset about being robbed in that way.

It was more the violation of privacy — and the fact that the spare wallet had ID cards to various memberships that in order to be replaced would be such a pain in the ass.

A little while later, I received a phone call.

"Hi," someone said. "Did you happen to lose a wallet earlier today?"

"What?" I responded, surprised.

"Well, I was out walking and I found this wallet near a mailbox and inside was your business card and a bunch of membership IDs."

"Really? My car was broken into this morning!"

"I'm sorry. Well, I have your wallet if you'd like it back."

It turns out that my wallet had been tossed to the side after the cash was taken out and the only things I really cared about were serendipitously returned to me by someone who happened to be walking in the neighborhood.

It was both a balance of learning the lesson in shadow & Light.

In surrender & release.

In letting go & finding better.

Know that if you're walking through a tough moment, there's Light ahead.

That even when people let you down, there are other people who can bring you up.

You've got this.

Every day.

You've got this.

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