Love from the great beyond.

Wilder Love Fox

I was making a kale salad for Wilder this morning to pack into her lunch.

She was ebullient, as she normally is after she rises at 5:30am, and in my sleepy state, I asked if she'd want to help me tear apart the kale.

She happily obliged.

While she quietly ripped piece after piece into the colander, me sitting across from her, I realized that here she was again...

A remembrance of my grandmother.

You might've heard me say before that my grandmother showed up prominently in my life after her passing.

She guided me, in the symbology of Kwan Yin and remarkable serendipity, even showing up during a Reiki session, so that I could feel less alone in the world.

She reminded and reassured me that everything would be okay.

And she came with me from Santa Monica to San Diego to Kauai, even though she wasn't there in physical form.

One day, Jules and I both realized simultaneously that Wilder could be my grandmother returned, for in her birth, I no longer felt the presence of this maternal energy in the ether.

We wondered if either my grandmother felt like I now had it covered or if, perhaps, in this tiny little tot, she was here with me again, like I had always wanted her to be.

This morning, while Wilder was tearing apart bits of kale, I realized that it's exactly what I used to do with my grandmother.

Helping to pull off the ends of green beans, while she sat on the couch, monitoring her little grandkids who she helped keep an eye on day in and day out.

Taking a toothpick to devein the shrimp that she'd then cook deliciously for our family style dinners.

Her hands always in motion.

Always caring for us.

Always there.

Here we were again.

Different, but similar.

Later, after I rinsed out the kale, I asked if Wilder would like to pour the lemon juice over it.

Her little three year old hands pulled up the colander and shook, like she never does but like my grandmother always did in her increased aging, before she brought it down to her level.

A tiny reminder.

A big amount of love.

That we are always surrounded by an unconditional kind of connection.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone.

May your day be filled with brilliance and Light.

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