Sprinkle a lil' magic dust on it, will ya?

Thought Catalog, Unsplash

Thought Catalog, Unsplash

I believe in Magic.

Not necessarily the kind with the sleight-of-hand on-stage business (although if you've never seen Justin Flom's stuff, that dude blows me away!).

I believe in the magic we can create through the power of intention, manifestation, and flow.

I'm currently reading this epic book called, Magic, which prescribes a quick practice to do every day that builds upon one another to cultivate more gratitude in your life... gratitude being the secret ingredient to unfolding everything we've ever wanted with much more ease and joy.

Today's chapter was called, "Magic Dust Everyone."

It's remarkable how many things we take for granted on a daily basis. 

We could start with the fact that our hearts beat and our lungs breathe without us having to do anything conscious about it, really. But let's take it another step outward and think about the people we rely upon without ever having to say "thank you" to.

People who run our electricity, keep our streets clean, pick up our garbage (not only from our curbs, but then from the dumps and beyond), the recycling plant folks, the ones who truck in our groceries to the stores, the people who work at the stores to make sure they're tidy and clean, the people who check the foods that we eat to make sure they meet a certain level of safety standard... and it goes on.

What if you could sprinkle magic in someone else's day? What if, by amplifying their positive experiences, it also magnifies yours? 

When I was studying with a friend who was teaching Mary Morrissey's consciousness lessons, she talked about having this very wealthy friend who, anytime they went to a restaurant, would ask the waiter or waitress if they wanted to make more tips than ever before.

"Ohhhhkay?" the server would usually respond, skeptically.

"Here's the thing," he would reassure them. "I'm going to ask you to do one simple thing for an entire week. If, by the end of the week, you haven't brought in more tips than you've ever brought in before during a one week period, I'll come in and give you $1,000."

Well now the server was hooked.

"Sure! What's the thing you want me to do?"

"I want you to bless every single table you are serving before you get there. Bless them and wish them well. You have to do this with every single table you serve. I'll come back in a week and see how it worked."

The servers would agree. And this guy? 

Well, this guy never had to pay a dime, because when he came back a week later, the servers would effusively share how they did indeed earn more that week than ever before.

It's gratitude. 

Gratitude is magic.

For today, can you bless every single person you meet? Especially the ones who are in a grumpy mood? They're probably the ones who need it the most, because remember, everything is either an act OF love or a call FOR love.

Answer the call with magic fairy dusting of gratitude blessings and see what happens in your life!

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