Of all the spiritual gurus I've met...

Peter Hershey, Unsplash

Peter Hershey, Unsplash

I've met a lot of spiritual teachers. (Some would call them gurus.) And, I've met a few false ones, too.

I've hugged Amma.

And, Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr.

Interviewed Tara Brach, Seane Corn, and Kathryn Budig...

Been introduced to Snatum Kaur... was backstage at a Krishna Das concert...

Found my way to Koya San in Japan, one of the most sacred places in the country where monks and elite members of society are buried and the only places to stay are in Buddhist temples, where you can partake in spiritual ceremonies.

Most recently, I was lucky to be front and center at the Abraham Hicks event in Austin.

At the end of the three-hour session, Esther Hicks shared how for the next three days, we'd be integrating the lessons we acquired into our lives...

A group of us attendees walked to Old Thousand afterward and reflected upon what we had learned. We shared about judgments we held and which aha we'd like to focus on most for the near future.

"Surrender," I said. "I've worked so hard and I can sense that it's time for me to step into a new way of being, but I also see how I'm blocking all that I've asked for from coming to me."

One of the biggest aha moments I had is that part of what blocks us from receiving what we've asked for and what's already been created is the fact that we are so busy defending our worthiness, that we're creating another obstacle...

Because the thing is, our Inner Being has never felt unworthy. It knows that we are always worthy and nothing will take that away from us.

What's fighting for that belief to really root is our humanity, our human-side, the ego.

You're worthy.

You're beautiful.

What you've want, what you've asked for that's been created because of the contrasts and challenges in your life has already manifested...

Now, the only thing you need to do is relax into receiving.

Stop the hustle.

Find the flow.

Where are you defending your worth, rather than reveling in its unfaltering truth?

Ready to stop defending your worthiness and simply step into it instead?