Stop 'emoting' if you're having a lot of energy about it.

Cengizhan Konus, Unsplash

Cengizhan Konus, Unsplash


Okay, that means a lot coming from a highly sensitive person!

Stop having emotions?

Aren't emotions what help guide our intuition?

Yes, absolutely.

And, I'm not saying, "Stop having feelings."

I'm saying if there's a topic that really gets under your skin, something you can't forget about, an area that you're almost obsessing over, it's time to stop generating more momentum behind it...

Let's say, someone in your life was unfaithful.

Someone broke your heart.

You can't figure out your finances for the life of you.

You're just OVER your work situation.

You are losing it as a mama.

You have no idea what to do with your life and you can't figure it out.

All of those things? They have A LOT of 'charge' behind them, and because of that, it makes it really hard for your Infinite Being to communicate with you, because you're super 'in' the emotionally charged egoic state.

In order for that to release and for you to find any sort of solution, you've first got to stop "EMOTING" over it.

Think about something else.

Think about the next feeling that's joy adjacent, like if you're super depressed and apathetic, the next closest emotion to joy will be 'anger.'

From there, the next closest emotion could be 'frustration'.

And so on.

Shift your focus to something else that has no 'charge' behind it.

Like being outside.

Sitting on the grass.

Having a cup of coffee.

Let the emotions settle.

Let your Divine Guidance Team help you out and finesse the challenge to become closer to a solution.

Let yourself believe you're worthy of joy.

Then, see what happens...

What area of your life can you try this on today?

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