I haven't made out with my husband in 3 years.

Go West Photography

Go West Photography

Yesterday night, I made out with my husband.

I haven't kissed him like that in three years.

That's 1,095 days.

1,095 days of not being close.

Of not seeing him truly.

Of not allowing myself to love him.

And not allowing him to love me.

If you didn't see the newsletter that I sent out yesterday, I'll include it in the comments below, because it's a testament to the power of sharing your authentic story.

Being bold.

Being willing to be vulnerable.

Do you know what happened?

I got over seven email responses to it... and counting.

What I've learned from being a published writer is that for every email someone takes the time to send you, there are countless more people who thought the very same thing, but didn't sit down to send you their sentiments.

When we experience unworthiness, when we learn to hold people far away from us, so that we can feel safe, when we start dwelling in resentment rather than owning our entire experience to find our own spiritual paths, what ends up happening is that when the things we truly want come into our lives...

Well, sometimes we run.

We run hard.

We run far.

Even if it's the very thing we've always dreamed of having.

I've ALWAYS wanted a Great Love.

It was inscribed on my husband's wedding ring that he never wears.

The pink morganite stone of my engagement ring represents soul and divine love. I never wear it either.

Until now.

By healing myself, I found myself falling in love with my husband again.

Regardless of the external. It wasn't dependent upon him loving me back. It was my choice to love myself well and to love him well, too.

After we kissed last night, my husband turned to me and said, "You kissed me like you remember that you love me."

The power of manifestation is profound.

Be you.

Be wildly you.

Tell your story.

Live into your dreams, so that when they show up, you won't run.

And instead, you'll embrace them.