What's one thing you could make easier for yourself?

Chad Madden Unsplash

Yesterday, my daughter literally shouted to me, "Stop, Mama! Come smell these!" and she leaned forward into a patch of flowers...

We're now in Oakland, Cali, preparing to make our way up north even more to attend my husband's family's family reunion.

We're happy, excited, and sometimes, my daughter and I are at a battle of wills, as we're both stubborn and wanting our own ways of doing things.

I have to take a step back now and again and realize, "Okay right, why does this have to be on my terms? Just because I said so? Well, that's not a good enough reason."

Sometimes, we've gotten caught up in doing things, just because someone's "said so."


You should want to make a million dollars.

You should want to be famous on social media — or in general.

You should want to get married, have kids, and live in a nice big house.

You should have to push yourself and hustle, if you want to be an entrepreneur.

You should up-level, all the time.


Here's the thing...

We can get so caught up in the 'doing' of things, because we think we're supposed to, that we need someone else to shout, "STOP! Come and smell these!" because we passed by all these single beautiful moments of our lives without even realizing it.

I've told myself a lot of false truths.

Like, to be a boss-woman, I have to do things hard.

I have to be hard with myself.

I have to make things hard-fought to make them worth it.

Ugh, are we done punishing ourselves yet?

I'll tell you the truth...

Sometimes, when I have a big email that's gone out to a client, and I've just gotten their response, I ask my husband to read their email to me.

It might seem silly.


Like I'm not being enough of a tough business owner, but y'know what?

Life can be plenty tough in lots of ways, like having a toddler continually pushing your buttons, that I don't need to go around seeking more reasons to feel challenged.

Why do I ask my husband to read these emails to me?

Because he always does so in a calm voice.

He reads them to me rationally, and not in the way that my brain can kind of freak out every now and again, so that I'm not even reading sentences as the ways they were likely intended.

With less emotional attachment.

He reads them to me and they always sound better.

And, I'm okay with that.

Are you done with things being hard for you, too?

What's one way you can make things easier for yourself?