What I learned (and didn't learn) from Jess Lively in Australia.

Jess Lively

I wanted to love Australia.

It's been on my bucket list for a long, long time...

I was even more excited to go, because we were attending Jess Lively's CSchool 2-day event, and I wanted to hear all the things she had to share about consciousness — backed by her years of study and science.

Unfortunately, everything turned out to be wah-wah... 



My business manager recently said to me, "Sometimes, you think you're going after one thing, but it was only meant to bring about something else in your life."

And that 'something else'? 

Well, that's precisely why I'm so damn excited.



During this conference, I was reminded of the power of serendipity and synchronicity, and how my ability to grow my business is rooted in the magic of personal connection and speaking up over investing in anything like Facebook ads.

One evening, we went to Jess's apartment (you can see what it looks like on her Instagram account) for a breakout session on consciousness + parenting

"Every single woman I coach says that she suffers from mom-guilt; every single man I coach says that he's constantly stressed about providing for the family," the group leader shared.

I raised my hand to refute what the workshop facilitator was imparting.

"I don't suffer from mom-guilt," I told him. 

His eyes opened wide. 

"Tell me more," he encouraged.

"Well, you're making a blanket statement that every woman you've worked with suffers from mom-guilt, as though we all suffer from that — but we don't." 

A couple of the other women in the room nodded in agreement.

"I love what I do with my work, and I love raising my daughter, and I don't feel bad about either," I continued.

We continued our conversation back-and-forth, until at one point, he came up close to me and said jokingly, "Well, you teach the workshop then."

Well, maybe I damn well might.

Because one of the other women who nodded in agreement when I spoke up is an entrepreneur who's raised over $80 million in venture capitalist funding SPECIFICALLY for education — she co-founded the largest online platform IN THE WORLD focused on connecting teachers and students. 

She even got to a point where Madeline Albright, the first woman to be Secretary of State, reached out to her for a private dinner. Oh, and this woman's husband? Well, he happens to work specifically in VC funding for education, too.

When she and I felt disgruntled about what we didn't learn from this breakout session, we began to talk about what WE could do — over dinner and cocktails. 

She invited along her best friend, who happened to have started the Brand Lab at Google, where brands like Nike would invest in an 8-hour session with her to navigate their multi-million dollar ad campaigns. She's currently the VP of a company that "basically runs the internet."

Over shiraz and rock oysters, we began to do business like women, where we laughed over our personal stories as we also talked about how we could nurture one another along in our professional journeys.

Now, we've been invited to spend a winter week with one of the women in their Utah vacation home, so we can ski and collaborate — play and profit — with our entire families by our sides. Turns out that my husband is precisely the kind of consultant they're looking for, his dream goal is exactly what they can help create into an empire, and our kids sound like they would hit it off smashingly, so it's mutually beneficial all around.

While my experience in Sydney did not initially look like one of success, it truly underscored the fact that I'm on the right path, that it's all about connection, that everything is always working out for us. 

Most importantly, that we truly powerful women can tap into both intuition AND business to thrive.


One of the best things that Jess did during the two-day affair was to encourage each of us to tap into our own inner guidance, also known as your intuition. 

If you can find your flow, the results are more magnificent than anything you could create through the power of your mind alone.

If you want to tap into your own intuition to amp up your life + your business, then I encourage you to follow these steps:

  1. Start by knowing that you already have more ability within you RIGHT NOW than you've ever believed possible.
  2. Check out Jess's free audio on how to work with your own intuition, similar to what she presented during her live event.
  3. Download my pretty support worksheets I created for my mini-masterminds, so that you can begin to journal about your questions, get into a quiet space where your higher guidance answers, and write through any resistance you might have. You'll notice on the left column that there's a space where your "personality" or human-self is talking, then in the right column, where that deeper, still, and peaceful part of yourself can respond. You can also watch my meditations here.
  4. Watch Joe Dispenza's TEDTalk (he talks pretty quickly, so you might want to watch it twice) about how you can actually reprogram your neural networks to literally "change your mind" and then manifest what your intuition is telling you to do. This is representative of the science behind spirituality.
  5. Practice. As Jess would say, your intuition is available to you 24/7/365. It never turns off. You never need to worry about "where did it go?" Think of it as your personal connection to Source.
Judy Tsuei