The Tiger Mama is Coming Through — To YOU.

Judy Tsuei

I haven't talked about how important story is — foundational to your everything.

Or, about building a platform, not for the vanity metrics, but for people who actually engage. I want someone else to show me a screenshot of every time you send out a newsletter, if you have people who are emailing you back with thoughts, shares, insights.

I'm tired of the people who make excuses, who have everything going on in their lives but the kind of success they want to pursue. I get downtime. I get needing to reflect to gain clarity. What I get more is iteration by trying and doing — with intentional and intuitive action. I went to work to support my family when I was suicidal with postpartum depression. I show up for my daughter and my husband, while at the same time, making my own desires a priority. I just don't have time for bullshit, because there's too much of that in the world, and I've always been about authenticity.

I used to really care about people liking me. Now, as I'm upleveling my business and putting my own needs as a priority, I'm learning how vital it is to let go of the things that weigh you down, the burdens that you carry, the blocks that you allow to exist, because you can't be all things to all people, especially if you can't even be true to yourself.

Get ready for me to Tiger Mama (the Asian way of parenting hardcore) you now...

GET OUT OF YOUR OWN DAMN WAY. Use the Spirituality and blend it with Sense, so that you're not just Woo, but you're also WEALTHY.

Stop defending your limitations. Start arguing for your greatest life and know that stepping into your Light illuminates all that is possible, that our normal five senses may not be able to perceive quite right or actively.

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