The Universe was born in STILLNESS — so why are you hustling?

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I've been listening to Dr. Shefali Tsabary's, The Awakened Family, and what she says about parenting conscious children could be applied to re-parenting ourselves in life AND IN BUSINESS...

Keep reading, even if you're not a mama. :)

One of Dr. Tsabary's greatest teachings is that you allow your child to tap into their own innate sense of purpose and "doing"...

Here's the truth of life that often gets lost in the misconception that if we don't pressure and guide a person to extreme accomplishment, they'll fall to the wayside as a complete failure:

We're all born of the same Universal energy of creation and abundance, so it's inherently within us to expand into inspired greatness in a natural timeline.

But, we grow up in a culture that for so many of us creates a trap of DO MORE and WORK HARDER, especially when it comes to entrepreneurialism!

Tell me... 

Are you suffering from an impending pressure to #doallthethings in your business, leaving you feeling frayed and overwhelmed? 

Or, are you feeling like you have to keep with the latest technologies, social media influencers, and online coaches? 

What if you could let all that go and trust your inner guidance to know precisely what to do and where to show up and WHEN to take action, which could very well propel you to even greater success with ease and joy?

In the book, when Dr. Tsabary said that the UNIVERSE WAS BORN FROM A STATE OF DOING NOTHING, I paused. 


I mean, I literally pressed the 'pause' button my phone to take in what she had said, my mouth slightly agape in the midst of putting on my make-up.


So, what the fuck am I doing trying to hustle so damn hard all the time? Or worse, what if I'm creating this imprint within my daughter where she equates her value of being with that of doing, rather than simply existing in her gorgeous Light?

When I grew up, my mom wouldn't let us have a single moment of down-time. 

If she saw us sitting down doing nothing, she would immediately assign us a task or reprimand us for being lazy, so we never felt at ease simply being. We weren't allowed to watch TV. We had to study, read, write, play piano, or help around the house.

It was exhausting and an immense amount of pressure for a girl under the age of 10. 

So much of parenting tendencies stem from fear...

For instance, my mother was likely doing the very best she could given that she was raised in a family where her father was killed by the Communist army, her younger sister was given away at birth in hopes of a better life, and her mother remarried and gave birth to two boys who culturally held more sway, so as in order to survive in her existence, my mother had to prove her value.

But, what do children REALLY need? What do they really want from you? And, what do YOU really need? 

We need an affirmative answer to these three questions:

1) Am I seen?

2) Am I worthy?

3) Do I matter?

When kids feel assured that they are seen, worthy, and matter for their personhood, rather than their accomplishments, they're able to enjoy their own sense of empowerment — this translates into genuine enthusiasm for what's unfolding before them.

Said another way, "Their genuine love of self equals a genuine love of life."

How much are you loving life right now? 

How much are you loving your business? 

Are you feeling called to take a break or a digital detox?

During our trip to Australia, my friend Deborah mentioned how she was interested in potentially doing a digital detox when she returned to Austin. I felt we had once again connected intuitively over the same idea, because this is something I had been considering, too.

Over the past few weeks, I've been feeling a calling to GO WITHIN.

There are fabulous opportunities on the horizon, most of which seem to be calling me to be present with my daughter like never before, because as I unfurled realizations from my trip to Australia and as Dr. Tsabary continually assets, our children are our awakeners. 

Whatever I think I need to accomplish within my business, I feel I would do a greater service to myself and my clients by focusing less on the expansion of my platform or services and instead, going deeper with my existing clients and with myself.

I've always been a supernerd and I love learning, so I can sense there's something being asked of me that I can't quite put my finger on just quite yet, something that requires more study, but it's a complete paradigm shift and a yearning for a different way of showing up, other than what I think I have to do, based on what we currently know about business and life.

It's time for silence.

Like Dr. Tsabary said, that's where the Universe was born, and if I could get an inkling of that kind of creative power that exists within all of us, reconnecting to the lessons I knew as a child, before environment trained them out of me, then I believe big things are underway.

This morning, I was watching a YouTube video with Lisa Nichols, and she encouraged her viewers to "go for cognitive dissonance." 

The more we can seek the shifts within ourselves, the more our subconscious has to align to get the conscious mind in order.

In other words, lean into your growing edge. 

I'm sure in the next few weeks, I'll be back with genuine sharing, as that's part of my nature, but if you don't hear from me for a hot minute, this'll be why.

I'm going within to uplevel.

Who wants to join me? 

Ready to awaken more in your own life?

Judy Tsuei