Dig, baby, dig

Photo by Lily Banse on Unsplash

Her hair was cut like a boy, short on all sides, and every time I saw her, she wore gender neutral t-shirts and shorts.

For weeks I thought that the two kids tagging along with our shuttle bus driver were a girl and a boy, until one day, I looked down at the younger one's very pink sandals and wondered, "Wait a minute, do I have this all wrong?"

At the upscale mountain community in Beitou where we live, we have a dedicated shuttle bus that picks us up directly in front of our building to bring us to the nearest MRT subway station in town. 

Beitou is known for its hot springs and paths into Yang Ming Shan National Park.

We now know the two drivers who switch off shifts throughout the day and evening, and if we're catching a ride at dusk, the younger driver will have his two children accompanying him.

One day last week, I got on and could see how eager the younger child was to see me board

She looked up at her father.

"Wo xiang yao gen jie jie zuo!" 

'I want to sit with older sister.'

Since it was a rare occasion that I didn't have Wilder with me, I invited this six year-old to sit beside me, even though I initially wanted to use the time to listen to an audiobook... 

As the bus started to move, she started to ask me:

"Ni de mama han baba zai na li?"
'Where are your mother and father?'

"Ni de niu er zai na li?"
'Where is your daughter?

"Ni cong na li lai de?"
'Where did you come from?'

"Ni hui du zhongwen, ma?"
'Do you know how to read Mandarin?'

My speaking and listening comprehension are pretty much where she is with her language skills, so we were able to have a continual back-and-forth of questions and answers.

20 minutes later, I got up to get off the shuttle. 

"Xie xie ni, zai jian!"
'Thank you, goodbye!'

I became unbelievably grateful that I didn't pretend to ignore her inquiring eyes when I got on the shuttle earlier that evening, because the sweet affection she showed me during that trip absolutely made my day.

This little girl's genuine desire to know me better and the attentiveness she showed in asking me questions and listening to the answers was a gift from the Universe...

It's this kind of gentle questioning that can help you when you feel you've lost your own way in life and you're not sure what next step to take. Being gentle like this can help you find your path again or gain clarity on what's standing in the way between you and unique brand of success.

As my current mastermind coach shared with me today, "Be the archaeologist of your own life." Ask questions. 


See what you come up with... it'll be worth it, I swear.


How Being Highly Sensitive Lends to Your Intuition

If you think being a highly sensitive person for your life or your business isn't a good thing, think again.

Google the term "HSP" if you've never heard of it and get the books by Elaine Aron (there's even one that can help you determine how to raise highly sensitive children).

The more I dive deeper into refining my prowess as a writer, the more I realize how vital it is to understand the stories you're telling yourself: 

What you tell yourself is creating the life you're living; 
What you're telling other people is creating the business and attracting the types of clients you currently have.

If you don't love the way either one is flowing, try taking some time to dive into the nuances of the narrative you're living into...

Being highly sensitive is innate and happens in about 15-20% of the population. Yet, if you grew up in an environment that didn't understand you, then you were probably labeled as "emotional," "fragile" or even "intense." Use these traits to your advantage. You're able to pick up on so many more minute details around you that create a fuller picture of the life you live.

Even if you weren't born highly sensitive, you can absolutely teach yourself how to be more observant to catch the hints that the Universe is aiming to send your way. 

  • Start by getting quiet.
  • Then, simply breathe more deeply.
  • From there, practice allowing the feelings that want to bubble up to float to the surface, then gently wave them away to get to a sense of even more spaciousness or a space beyond the chatter of the mind.

If you're able to take time to quietly meditate, reflect upon the questions you want to ask to your Higher Self and open up to the answers coming your way...

You might just find a person within who you could love a lot more and really get behind when it comes to achieving what you want and pursuing the great ideas unfolding within you before canceling them out with doubt or disbelief.

Personally, I've been loving playing "high vibration music" on YouTube lately, while broadcasting it on our bluetooth speaker at home.

It creates such an amazing calming air and environment. 

When I use it to meditate, it gives my brain something to focus on so that I can get into that space beyond my mind and have a dialogue with that Infinite part of me that's trying to send clues and hints as to what'll serve me best, which I can't hear if my mind is on overdrive.

Be like that little girl. 

Ask the questions.

Gently open up to the answers.

Love getting to know yourself more.

Everything you want is on the other side of your resistance.

Have a beautiful rest of your week and let me know how your digging goes!


What's the them that's been guiding your life? 

Judy Tsuei