Someone's rejection is Source's protection.



When I got off the plane in Las Vegas yesterday, there was an angry mob of people shouting at the ticket agent outside our gate.

"You guys SUCK!" I heard one man yell followed by grumbling agreements from the crowd.

They were angry at the delays, just as much as the people who I'd just disembarked the plane with, a group of passengers who had waited at the airport for over six hours — only to find that by the time we were about to take off, the pilot told us, "I'm sorry, I don't know how this happened, but we have a wrong headcount and need to turn back to the gate."

So, we taxi'd back. 

Turns out, there was a family with a medical emergency on the plane, but of course, they wouldn't have announced that to everyone when tempers were already flaring.

Along the way, I kept seeing recurring numbers and numbers that are significant especially for me: 808, 716. 

As though the Universe were saying, "Keep your faith. I'll show you why."

Then, outside the window, the sun rose a brilliant vermilion hue over the backdrop of desert, a beautiful sight to behold. 

When I finally arrived in Wisconsin, 24 hours later, I was greeted by rainbow after rainbow, time to meditate on the road, and epic spiritual clarity.

This wasn't the first story of things seemingly not working out and then, specifically because of the misdirections, the "plot twists" actually led to the best story ending ever... 

Like how I recently saw my friend Jen in Oakland, a friendship that took 10 years to actually start — even though the Universe had brought us together in multiple ways before though we never met:

The same college.
The same major.
At the same time.

The magical story of how Jen and I connected is for another day, but on this day in Oakland, I walked up to her outside of the restaurant, Camino, where we had agreed to meet, and she looked at me and said what so many people have been saying lately, "WHAT are you doing here?!"

As we caught up over cocktails, Jen told me about the beautiful Oakland Hills home she now lives in with her husband and kids — I had seen it on Instagram and it is totally dream-worthy.

"Yeah, I saw it on craigslist while we were still living in San Diego, but I knew I wanted it." 

So, she booked plane tickets THAT SAME DAY to check out the open house.

Armed with all of the materials that would make any realtor say "yes," she arrived at the home only to find a large crowd of fellow seekers. One woman even waved a check in front of the realtor saying, "Here! Take this! I want this home!"

He patiently told everyone that they'd go through the applications methodically, so by the time Jen left, she felt like she had no chance.

Dejected, she turned on her phone to call an Uber to get to the airport.

Her phone died.

What am I going to do now? she wondered, looking around for the nearest cafe where she could charge her phone.

The realtor from her dream home pulled up to her.

"Where are you headed?" he asked.

"I need to get to the airport," she answered, "but my phone just died, so I can't call an Uber."

"Why don't you get in?" he asked, nicely. "You can charge your phone in my car while I drop you off at Shattuck."

She opened the door, sat down, then began to plead her case telling him of all the reasons she wanted the house and all the ways in which it was the perfect fit for her family and her family was the perfect fit for it.

Then, she went home.

The next day, the realtor called her. 

"If you want the house, it's yours."

Sometimes, the things we think aren't working out for us are actually the exact ways that they ARE.

What the Universe wants us to do is to hold the faith.

Take action, then surrender.

Everything is always working for us, for you, for me.


What's the theme that's been guiding your life? 

Judy Tsuei