What's the Density of Your Higher Self?

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There's a typhoon coming to Taiwan and the winds have been blowing intensely.

Raindrops dot our balcony and the sky. While yesterday, the horizon was absolutely clear so that I could see parts of the island I've never taken in before, everything is now clouded over with minimal visibility.

I've been listening to several podcasts and audiobooks recently and, while the information isn't necessarily revolutionary, it does indeed prove the fact that sometimes, we need to hear something a certain way or at a certain time for it to really sink in.

If you've heard that you need to "up your vibe" to match the very things you're looking to attract in the world, then it might help to know some of the science behind why that is...

As Infinite Beings, we come into this physical realm to experience life in all its facets and glory.

We experience a perceived separation from Source (call it The Divine, God, Goddess, Universe), but that's the thing — it's only perceived.

To experience everything this plane has to offer, we go through different facets of density...

1) It starts with an incarnation as the Elements:





2) It then becomes the Plants & Animals:

This is where group consciousness comes in, that ability for a flock of birds to maneuver in one cognition or animals to immediately sense that something is about to come without communicating to one another about it.

3) From there, we become Human:

Here's where our lessons come in, the soul contracts we make with other people in our lives.

4) And then, it becomes Pure Love:

Telepathic connections, where we feel intertwined deeply.

5) We then become Wisdom:

Knowledge. The knowledge of all time.

6) And then it flows into combining Love + Wisdom:

We balance the heart and the mind. Anything negative begins to fall away as we experience Truth like never before.

7) And finally, there's Unity:

This is where the Higher Self resides. This is being able to embrace the Unity of all things, the interconnectedness, the Divine.

If you're looking to manifest everything you've wanted, allow yourself to flow from the elements around you, like this typhoon swirling around our home, to the Unity of knowing that everything you've wanted has already been created and if you can step through the scale into the Lightest of density, you'll experience it with pure ease, then maybe this helps.

** Thanks to The Positive Head Podcast for this content inspiration.

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Judy Tsuei