Why my daughter asked for God monks today.

Wilder Love Fox

I don't normally come to you in between the week, but there's something I've been learning from my mentor, which is a message the Universe has been trying to hammer into my head for a very long time:


"You're just so intellectually brilliant," she said to me. "I have absolutely no doubt that you're smarter than me. And, while that intelligence serves you really well in some respects, it gets you into a lot of trouble in others."

"You're trying to 'logic' your way out of your problems," she observed.

"You're trying to make everything make sense to your brain, and when it doesn't, that's what starts to send you into a tailspin," she added.

"Get out of your head. Get into your heart."

When I'm in my heart space, I feel calm. I feel like I KNOW like I know like I know that the Universe has GOT me.

But, when I feel really scared and vulnerable, I show up to DO-DO-DO like that will magically make it all right somehow.

The magic isn't in the HOW. 

The magic is in the surrender.

The more I can catch myself, cancel out that thinking energy, and instead, focus on dropping into my soul space, the more I feel content.



It's everything that I want to be, that I think is 'over there' somewhere AFTER I hit the revenue goal or AFTER I publish the book or AFTER I do something big and lofty, rather than cutting out that conditional element and instead, feeling it in there and now.

Funnily enough, that's exactly when everything works out.

When you match the frequency of the thing that you're looking to attract.

So... I've been dropping in.

Moving through sadness to find myself anew.

During the times when I put my daughter to bed now, I spend the many minutes she's fidgeting and calming herself beside me visualizing the future I want to create.

I breathe.

I feel reassured when I ask, "What is FAITH trying to show me right now?"

Today, she stayed home from school, because she had a bit of a cough. Honestly though, I was happy to spend the time with her. 

I brought her with me to explore the 'wet markets' in Taipei, and she had a moment on the second floor, where the meat and fish were all on display that she realized that each of those animals had to give up their lives to be there.

She's three and a half.

Through her tears, I held her.

My friend who we were with said, "Y'know, sometimes Buddhist monks will come set the fish free. They'll buy them up, and them return them to the river."

My daughter liked this idea a lot.

As we were walking down the stairs, I reassured her we could do this, too.

"What about the fishy I was playing with?!" she pleaded, referring to the orange medium-sized fish in a styrofoam box one of the vendors let her 'pet.' "Is it going to die?!"

"Why don't we manifest that a monk will come today and pick it up and return it to the river," I suggested.

"Okay," she said, as she held my hand. "I manifest that one of the God monks will come save that fishy."

God monks. 

I hadn't even used that word, so I don't know where she got it from. But, I loved it.

"Yes, let's ask the God monks to save it," I smiled. 

Then, during her nap today, her head on my arm, I looked at her beautiful face and remembered how since she had been born, I did not feel the presence of my Grandmother the same, floating in the ether. While I knew she wouldn't have left me, I didn't realize until later that perhaps, the reason my Grandmother was no longer "out there" was because she was suddenly part of this being, right here in my arms.

I used to ask my Grandmother, after she passed, to help me in my life. When I was sad. When I was heartbroken. When I was desperate.

And, without fail, she showed up, in the goddess Kwan Yin.

As a statue that suddenly appeared in a park beside me.

As the chant on a bumper sticker emblazoned on the windshield of a car I parked next to, the same exact one I had never seen written out before, the one that was repeated for 24 hours after she passed by monks chanting at her bedside.

I've thought, for a very long time, that my daughter's relationship with my husband was the special bond and had told myself a story that I might have a hard time with her, the way that I had with my own mother.

Until today.

Today, my vision as she was falling asleep, was us. Together. Tight-knit. Hearts bonded. Smiling. Her, an adult. Me, more of an adult.

I FELT in my full heart that feeling I've yearned for so long with anyone in the world, since I was born.

She is my #rideordie.

I cannot tell you how GOOD this feels.

To feel like all my old stories melted away into this beautiful re-writing of a new one. One where my daughter and I are truly connected.

One, where I am looking forward to a future of adventures.

One, where I will do anything and everything to ensure that she has every opportunity I can bestow upon her — even if it means having to overcome my own shortcomings and stepping up when I don't know how.

My Wilder Love.

Your story. Your strategy. 
Your website. 

I'm diving deep into this lesson about listening to my heart and getting out of my head space. 

That means, if I feel inspired to put an offer out there, I'm going to listen to my Intuition and Soul's Guidance. 

Especially because my goal is to #BeWildlyMe and for you to #BeWildlyYou.

To that end, I became inspired to offer a 24-hour #FlashLightning sale for a service I've only selectively offered to certain clients and friends.

I've been offering these mini-packages of strategic coaching on your service offerings + a beautiful website built out for you in the easy-to-use Squarespace + originally content on the site crafted by yours truly that captures you completely.

One of my besties today said to me today after seeing the website, copy, and strategy I created for her, "Ohmigod, I can't believe how amazing this!"

For the next 24 hours only, I'm offering this service to you, too.

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