What is magic storytelling?

Judy Tsuei

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" Wilder kept saying on repeat.

"You don't need to apologize, Babe," I tell her reassuringly. "Do you feel like you're about to get in trouble?"

She'll apologize instantly, after she falls down.

She'll apologize when she slips up.

She'll apologize when she feels like she hasn't said the right thing.

It's caused me to dive into why this is happening.

Where is she getting this from?

We don't reprimand her, unless she's about to run into a busy street and hasn't looked both ways.

We don't shout.

We don't scream.

We, in fact, praise her all the time.

Could it be that she's holding the burden of energetically feeling like she's got to keep it together for her parents' dynamic?

Could it be because I have residual Tiger Mom tendencies from my own mother, where sometimes she'll do something and I'll give her a look, because I've already warned her that she could slip or fall and she'll have to learn it anyway?

Could it be that she's feeling immense internal pressure towards perfection, the way that I had felt throughout most of my life?

Whatever it is, it is calling for my attention.

I'm currently up at 4:44am and have been since 2am, because she seemingly has an ear infection that I'll need to take her to the doctor for in the morning when the pediatric departments are open.

It's an opportunity for me to be present with her. To learn more of what's unfolding.

And, the best way I can think of doing it?



Magic storytelling.

If you haven't ever experienced the power of writing and then SHARING your work by reading it aloud, there's an entirely profound emotional transformation that happens.

This is what my upcoming Modern Mystic Story School is about — to be able to write, dive into your raw and real feelings, share about them amongst a tribe of high vibe individuals, and watch the magical shifts in connection and creation unfold.

What if you could create the life you've always wanted through words?

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