You are liquid gold.

Tevei Renvoye Unsplash

You are liquid gold.

It is coming from the stars up above and dripping all over your skin...

It's melting from the crown of your head all the way down your fingertips to your toes...

You are liquid light.

It rolls on you, around you, through you, and you hold it in your heart, because you are a physical solid state of Light...

You are liquid love.

It fills your heart with a gentle swell and flows into powerful waves of connection...

You are everything you have ever wanted to be.

Right here.

Right now.

The only thing you will ever have to do is allow yourself to shine.

Peel back the layers of conditioning to forget who you have learned how to be to fit into the world and instead, remember who you really are.

Why you're really here.

Who you've always wanted to become.

Because you are s/he now.

You are liquid gold.

Luxuriate in that Truth.

You are liquid gold.

Radiate in that Truth.

You are liquid gold.

Shine, baby, shine.

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