From rundown motel with a rat to luxury high-rise apartment.

Judy Tsuei

Three years ago, we were living in a run-down motel.

In Sandpoint, Idaho.

There was a trailer park in the back and only two units rented out — one to a couple doing drugs, the other to a guy who who was trying to pick up odd jobs here and there.

Hank, a very, very large man with a spotted bulbous nose, would come by the "front office" to ask us questions about his trailer, and the smell of him lingered in the air for hours afterward.

One night, Jules kept popping up.

"Did you hear that?" he asked.

I didn't.

Our daughter was asleep in the room beside us in her pack-and-play.

Our 1984 Toyota Warrior Winnebago camper van was parked outside the side-door.

He tried to go back to sleep, but couldn't.

He popped up again.

"You don't hear that?!"

I had no idea what he was talking about. Finally, after turning on the lights and scrounging all around, he found out what it was.


The next day, I was on crutches and a boot, and took my daughter to Home Depot to find a trap.

"How did I get here?" I wondered. "How did a Berkeley educated smart woman who was just living in paradise in Hawaii get HERE to this run-down motel, suffering from depression and a breaking relationship?"

I felt ashamed. Embarrassed. And put a spin on it that we were living this grand ol' life on the road in a camper van, but what was really happening inside was this overwhelming feeling of failure and desperation.

Yes, Sandpoint is beautiful.
Yes, there's even a stretchy bit of beach where clear water as blue as Hawaii laps against it.
Yes, I met lovely people at the local cafe.

But inside? I felt leagues below where I thought I "should" be in that moment of my life.

We left Sandpoint, Idaho overnight, when the weather got so cold that we couldn't handle it anymore. We literally packed up everything into our rig and left within a day's worth of the decision.

Our next stop was unexpectedly Austin, Texas. And, it was here, that I rebuilt SO much of my life.

Now, it's less than three years later.

We live in a luxury high-rise apartment in Taiwan that overlooks expansive views of mountains, rivers, cities, oceans.

We have a front-desk concierge team that bows to us every time we walk through the heavy glass doors, and races to the elevator to scan the key card to bring us to our floor.

We get to swim in a gorgeous infinity pool twice the length of an Olympic one, where plumeria flowers drop on the surface of the water, and I teach Wilder how to swim to go pick them up and breathe their scent in.

And me? What's happening in that internal world?

I am happier than EVER, because I made a decision. I quantum leaped into it. And I swear, every single facet of my life is transforming into magical wonder.

Is everything perfect?


Because life is organic and there are always new levels to discover and uncover.

But, do I believe in magic?

Absofuckinglutely, because I get to experience it every day.

With my husband. With my daughter. With my clients. With this world we live in.

One moment, you can be in the worst place of your life – often times through your own judgment of what's unfolding – and the next moment, you can make a decision to be ready for everything to transform...


It recently even did this for me in a magnificent way. I'm still reveling in it, and I'll reveal more of that soon...

For now, many blessings are continually being gifted to me and I'm saying YES YES YES, thank you, more please!

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