The holy terror of comparison-itis.

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One of the women in my mentor's coaching program posted today, "My goal is $40,000 in sales by the end of this month! Today was a $12,000 day, so only $28,000 more to go!"

Immediately, I felt shame inside.

What the fuck is wrong with me that I can't make quick wins like that? 

But, here's the thing, that's not exactly true...

I've hit huge revenue goals. 

In fact, today alone, I was hired for a new long-term marketing project that arose incredibly easily over a cup of coffee, while my inbox is also filling up with email responses from The Four Seasons and various luxury hotels in Vietnam for an upcoming travel article I've decided to do with my family. 

Yet, my brain doesn't pay attention to those happy truths when the holy terror of comparison-itis kicks in...

Instead, I start to create stories of how the good life is "over there" or that other women have it easier, because they have clarity on their offers, they're better business-people, or whatever the narrative might be where I fall victim to the tyranny of my own thoughts.

I forget the fact that I woke up that morning with my sweet 3.5 year old daughter calling out to me in the middle of meditation, asking if I could come into the room, so she could cuddle with me for a few minutes before our day got started. 

And, happily, I did.

This is the danger of unchecked thoughts.

It's so easy to lose yourself in the feeling of the gap in between where you are now and where you want to be. 

That crevasse – even if you know precisely where it is in your life/your heart/your mind's eye – can open up and swallow you whole in an instant if you're not vigilant about what stories you're available for and which ones you're not.

This is the power of mystical storytelling and magical writing.

Of journaling.

Of connecting to your Intuition and Soul knowing.

You're able to check yourself.

To pull back with healthy perspective.

To say, "No thanks," when your ego pops up and says, "Pay attention to this illusion over here!" instead of the real truths... like how you are bold.

You are courageous.

You are beautiful.

You ARE on your path.

You DO have all the answers.

Your dream life is already here — you simply haven't allowed yourself to feel safe enough to revel in your goodness.

It's time to cut comparison out of your life. 

Let's see what happens when you do.

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