Whoops. How mistakes are what you want more of in your life.

Judy Tsuei

Two big things came up when journaling this morning: 

1) I feel like I'll be punished for this.

2) I'm still deeply afraid of doing the wrong thing.

What's "this"?
What's the "wrong thing"?

Those two awarenesses are what's led to my belated #FreshFridays newsletter, which is all about the fact that you're not actually making any mistakes...

Let me repeat that: 


It's a gift from the Universe for your greatest learning. It's what your Soul called forth to help you elevate, clear, and come through confidently into an even bolder and more beautiful version of the YOU you already are.

Now, the reason I didn't send #FreshFridays out actually on Friday was because, in all honesty, I was going through a dip in mindset and needed to reflect upon that in order to elevate my vibe to come to you from a much better place.

Your vibe attracts your tribe.

And, if you're building your business, your mindset drives 80% of the success of your business. (20% is due to the actual actions you're taking.)

I wanted to come to you from a place of Light rather than commiseration, hence the delay!

But, let's go back to the two points above...

What do I feel like I'll be punished for? 

I feel like I'll be punished for making a mistake. I feel like I'll be punished for asking for too much. I feel like I'll be punished for "indulging" in myself and investing in mentors or coaching programs to help me heal. I feel like I'll be punished for whatever it is that my heart desires.


Because I grew up with parents who punished. And they punished hard.

They punished through words. They punished through physical beating. They punished through taking away love regularly to make it feel like I was constantly seeking approval to get one iota of affection — which wasn't even touch. It was simply a nod of acknowledgement.

Your parents set forth your belief in the world and the Universe. 

In fact, as I learned it, your relationship with your mother represents how you feel Mother Nature will treat you; your relationship with your father represents how you feel God/Source/Universe/Spirit will treat you.

So... what's your relationship with your parents taught you about the "rules of the world?"

Why am I deeply afraid I'll do the wrong thing? 

I was always waiting for the other shoe to drop. When you have parents who are constantly warring with one another with little respite, you're always on edge. Waiting for when the next blow-out will occur. There's no sense of ease, no sense of peace, and what's more, as a child, you think everything is your fault.

It really doesn't help if they actually tell you this is so, too. Especially in one of their fits and rages when they can't contain their own discontent any longer.

When parents can't handle the depth of their own emotions and challenges, the impact affects the psyche of their children like stains that are so hard to wash out. This is why "conscious parenting" is so popular these days.

If you tend to have perfectionistic tendencies, it's likely because you weren't ever taught that making a mistake is not only OKAY, it's absolutely essential to your growth and development. 

If you have always wanted to get it right, because you thought that somehow, that would keep it all together for everyone around you, then you likely have high expectations for yourself.

And, if you're afraid to "do the wrong thing," it's probably because you don't have the kind of confidence in yourself to understand that there isn't a wrong thing about you...

You're good.

You're whole.

You're healed.

Even if on the surface, you're having experiences that aren't aligned with this, the truth of the matter is that your Soul is brilliant.

Nothing that's ever happened in your life will ever tarnish your soul.

Nothing that's ever happened in your life will take away your worthiness.

Nothing that's ever happened in your life will impact the greatness of who you already are.

You can't make a mistake.

You can only learn to grow.

Thank you SO much for being a part of my tribe. I truly want to honor you, and I love all the emails I get back each time I send out a newsletter, where you're sharing your thoughts and experiences.

I especially love it when you tell me that something I've written is so meaningful, you forward it along to your friends, because that's the most valuable to me, that it resonates so much with you that you're sharing it with your own tribe!

As part of my gratitude practice, I'm truly grateful for YOU.

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