Let's be real: Are you worthy?

Sarah Mac is a Writer and Mindset Coach who helps women to create more freedom, fun and money doing work they’re passionate about.

Sarah Mac is a Writer and Mindset Coach who helps women to create more freedom, fun and money doing work they’re passionate about.

Are you worthy?

by Sarah Mac

We’re living in an exciting time where so many new conversations have opened up about a woman’s worth. We’re asking questions and creating space for answers that have been neglected until now.

That emptiness is filling up with possibility, abundance and transformative experiences for individuals, for families, for communities and for humanity on a global scale.  

What’s your understanding of your value?

This is the work. Filtering the murky waters of neglect, silence, ignorance and rejection to find the diamonds that have been there all along.  

The value of emotional intelligence.

The value of connection, strong relationship bonds and a community-oriented mentality.

The value of motherhood. The unending production of love.

The value of deeply embodied wisdom and intuition for the perfect solution.

The value of our inherited skills to create a home, to feed and to nurture.

The value of deep connection beyond the physical.

Complete this list with your own inherent value.  

Who are you at the core?

Without doing this work, without embodying this knowledge and appreciation for our innate worth and power in the world, we continue to sink at the whim of broken systems. It doesn’t work. We’ll continue to be underpaid, overworked, unheard, dissatisfied… and no one benefits.

When women step into and own their worth – it changes the game completely.

 It looks like nothing we’ve ever seen before. It’s ancient wisdom that’s been there all along – amplified by the power of technology, access to global communities, messages delivered with impact to many in an instant.

Our voices are being heard.  

Our awareness is changing.

Through claiming our worth internally, we show up differently. We’re no longer available for limitation. We claim new possibilities that heal old wounds, provide solutions to the world’s deepest problems and thrive beyond the imagination of previous generations.

Claiming our worth unlocks unseen levels of creativity and success.

Nobody’s ever done it the way you’re about to do it. You’re the trailblazer. Whatever desires are on your heart are unique to you in this precise moment in time. Your work is to excavate your own diamonds and to share them with the world exactly as they are. Exactly in the way that feels good to you.

We’re building new systems and ways of being that are harmonious.

Want to work part time and travel the world?

Want to work from home while you raise a family?

Want to create content that impacts millions?

Want to have 100% control over how much you earn and how much you work?

Want to heal the communities that have been forgotten about up until now?

Want to educate society about the solutions that are sitting right under our noses?

When you give yourself permission to value yourself, you can.

When you break the mold you’ve been living in up until now, when you choose to rewrite the story you’ve been telling yourself… you can thrive. And everybody benefits. That’s our responsibility. And it’s easier than it’s ever been.

It’s time to let go of the struggle.

Though it may feel uncomfortably different, choosing to own and share our value is the answer to everything. We get to decide to be paid well. To rest well. To contribute in the ways we were built to. To get curious about what that can look like. You can guarantee it’s going to feel a whole lot better!  

Are you curious to uncover your true desires and learn how to share your innate value with the world?

Are you ready to start living a life that feels fantastically in alignment with who you are at the core?

Great. It’s time to say ‘yes’ to you.

Join Self-Worth Magic, Sarah’s intimate group coaching experience, to identify and heal the stories that are holding you back from showing up for the life you were born to live.

About Sarah Mac

Sarah Mac is a Writer and Mindset Coach who helps women to create more freedom, fun and money doing work they’re passionate about. She’s a performer and video artist from the UK, currently based in Montreal and New York. She’s the founder of copywriting agency Juicy Copy and has lived and worked out of 13 different countries in the last 4 years.

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