Where we're moving next in the world.

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February 1, 2019

Happy Lunar New Year!
And, here’s where we’re moving to next…

Aloha, Wild Heart,

I’m sitting at the Manila airport in the Philippines at the moment during Asia’s Lunar New Year holiday, getting ready to make a visa run and bring my daughter to see an incredible friend who has a resort in El Nido.

At first, I had planned to be here for over two weeks. Now, I’m leaving after six days and giving my daughter a time to bond with her father for a week and a half after that.

It’s practice for our upcoming shared custody that’ll happen when we return to the States…

And, that’s the next big announcement. We’re moving back to San Diego!

My heart yearns to return to Hawaii, but I know that Mama Hawaii will call us back when the time is right. She’s planted the seed to return eventually, which is why I’m watching episodes of Hawaii 5-0 to get glimpses of the islands I miss so much, but I intuitively feel that what we’re meant to do right now is to get grounded.

To reconnect to the people who love us.

To find stability in a time of big transition.

After Wilder’s fourth birthday party at the park, one of my dearest friends in Taiwan and guests at the party, a 75-year-old empathic woman who’s the editor-in-chief of the English-language magazine here in Taiwan, came up to me.

“You can tell that everyone is here because of you,” she said.

I thanked her. She had made an effort to talk to every adult and child at the party. “These wonderful people are here because of the connections you’ve made.”

She asked about my next move, and I told her that the smart thing to do would be to go back to San Diego, where both my ex-husband and I have close family. Where opportunities are abundant in building my business and creating real financial health for my daughter and myself. Where it’s only a five-hour flight to Hawaii.

“But I really want to go back to Hawaii,” I told her.

She nodded. “I know, but right now, you get solid again. Then, Hawaii is the move after that.”

I felt it, too. I knew she was right. I had a sense that the second I committed to San Diego, opportunities would abound again.

And, just today, I checked my email while waiting to go through immigration, and got an email from a woman who owns a PR agency who’d like to connect with me, because of the story branding and networking skills I have, who’s specifically hiring in San Diego and New York.

What I’m learning throughout this process of divorce and finding my center of peace regardless of what happens around me or to me is the fact that it’s essential for you to create a balance between living in this world and being of a spiritual one.

You lay the groundwork.

You show up.

You have faith.

You believe.

You surrender.

You let go.

And then, you keep stepping into the person you’ve always wanted to become, because in every second, you have a choice of living in your past or opening up to greater than you ever believed possible.

Even when it feels like God/Spirit/Source are silent. Let yourself be in the grace of these 24 hours. When you feel like you’re beating yourself up for what’s not working, you have no idea what you’ve been saved from that could have been so much worse — or how you’re being primed for so much better.

Wherever Wilder and I go, I know that I’m able to create a sense of family for us. And now, it’ll be good to go back to where our relatives live, so that Wilder will get an opportunity to be around even more people who love her — and me.